Cephalgia ICD 9

Billable Medical Code for Headache

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 784.0

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 784.0.

Known As

Cephalgia may be referred to as Cervicogenic headache, Chronic daily headache, Chronic facial pain, Chronic mixed headache syndrome, Chronic pain in face, Craniofacial pain, Daily headache, Epidural OB anesthesia induced, headache, antepartum, Epidural OB anesthesia-induced headache in childbirth, Epidural OB anesthesia-induced headache, postpartum, Epidural obstetric anesthesia induced headache in childbirth, Epidural obstetric anesthesia induced headache postpartum, Epidural Obstetric anesthesia induced headache, antepartum, Epidural obstetric anesthesia induced headache, before childbirth, Epidural obstetric anesthesia-induced headache in childbirth, Epidural obstetric anesthesia-induced headache, postpartum (after childbirth), Facial pain, Facial pain, chronic Headache cervicogenic, Headache cervicogenic (from the neck), Headache chronic daily, Headache mixed, Headache occipital, Headache sinus, Idiopathic stabbing headache, Mixed headache, Occipital headache, Pain in face, Sinus headache, Vascular headache. This can be applied to facial pain or pain in head NOS. This is excludes headaches from NOS, migraines, syndromes, tension type. Clinically known as pain in the cranial region that may occur as an isolated and benign symptom or as a manifestation of a wide variety of conditions and pain in various parts of the head, not confined to the area of distribution of any nerve.

Cephalgia Definition and Symptoms

Cephalgia is commonly referred to as a headache that results from tightening muscles or tension. Common causes for headaches are stress, depression, anxiety, or injury. Different types of headaches can be experienced that range from cluster, sinus, and are the result of the flu. Headaches may also represent a variety of more serious conditions such as lack of oxygen, infection, high blood pressure, and other conditions.