Famous People with Mood Disorders

1. Harrison Ford
He is an American actor who played the role of Hans Solo in the Star Wars movie. He was also known for some roles in other American movies a result of highest recognition from people. Ford’s acting career lasted for six decades. He is also considered as one of the blockbuster actors in the United States. Since he was doing tiring work during their tapings, he was able to acquire mood disorder. Acquiring this type of disorder leads him to sleep for longer hours as well as feel deeply depress and stress even for just simple things. He regularly missed his class as well as get into trouble. For him to be able to overcome this disorder, he joined drama class that allows him to control and manage his mood.

2. John Denver
He is an American singer as well as songwriter. He is one of the most popular acoustic artists in the United States. He has the skills and capability to give life to different music. He was very successful in his music career. Denver was diagnosed with mood disorder as a result of depression and too much alcohol content in the body since he felt too much pressure with his career. To be able to deal with his mood problems, he was able to write different types of songs that are primarily based on his emotion and mood. He uses his mood to be able to write songs can be a help in the country’s music industry.

3. Boris Yeltsin
He is the first president who leads Russia to a quick development during his first years of service. Unexpectedly, he put the country in a declining aspect when he was diagnosed with mood disorder. He was seen to be drinking to alleviate the pain he is suffering from all the problems he is facing. He was also drinking in order to help him sleep. This enables him to miss appointments with some of the foreign minister. Right after drinking he was also seen to be a conductor in an orchestral event wherein he, himself is the one performing. Changing his mood puts an end to his presidential service. But, in order to gain back the trust of the people, he was able to treat and control his mood with the help of his family.

4. Drew Carrey
He is an American comedian who was greatly known for his funny words. He was seen to be having mood disorder since he attempted to commit suicide twice by taking high dose medicines. He was also been mad and keeps on blaming the world for whatever is happening to him. In order to relieve from depression, he uses foods and alcohol. He used to curse the world for what happened to him. To be able to recover, he was spare his time writing and reading funny books.

5. Mike Wallace
He is an American journalist and correspondent. He was seen to be expressing all his articles as well as images of special events that are happening in the US. But he was believed to be suffering from mood disorder when he attempted to commit suicide right after he was being accused of libel. He has surpassed the said condition upon undergoing emotional treatment and therapies.

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Famous People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

1. Abraham Lincoln
He is a famous country lawyer in the United States and the 16th president of the country. He was known for all his works that made the country progressive and highly developed. Lincoln suffered personal problems that lead him to acquire generalized anxiety disorder. He endured different types of traumatic experiences in his life including the loss of life of his loved ones. At a young age, he lost both of his parents as well as his sister. When he was already married, he lost ten children out of twelve, making him feel deep anxiety. For him to be able to deal with it, he was able to consult a doctor who helped him learn how to deal with his anxiety and stress. In return, he was able to manage his presidency properly.

2. Vincent Van Gough
He is a well known painter who gives life to the different types of artistic paintings. He is highly recognized by the people since the art of painting he is showing is a reflection of some particular lessons that are considered to be important for people. But, unfortunately he was able to acquire several types of mental health illnesses as he goes on with his career. Due to these illnesses, he was diagnosed to have generalized anxiety disorder that made him feel stressed and worried thinking of his condition. He was also noted as continuously drinking liquors that increases anxiety disorder. The death of his brother and his sister also adds to his anxiety. He was able to deal with it with the help of the doctors but unfortunately ended his life through suicide.

3. Barbra Streisand
She was known in the music industry for being such a reclusive singer. She acquired generalized anxiety disorder right after her concert in New York City. In the concert while she was singing, she unexpectedly forgot lyrics of the song that she was singing. Due to these, she developed fear facing people as well as great anxiety. She was not seen by people for almost 30 years since she choose not to be seen by the public. Since she was determined to gain back her musical career she was able to seek the assistance of experts on how she will be dealing with her condition. Streisand was able to deal with it and regain his singing career for just a short period of time.

4. Brian Wilson
He is a creative musical artist who is known for the different types of songs he wrote. He made a name in the music industry that made him popularly recognized by people. He was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder due to his childhood experiences. He has an abusive father who continuously hurts him as well as an alcoholic mother. He then refuses to be part of a band since he was hesitant with his condition. He relied on illegal drugs to lessen his anxiety disorder. Since then, he was able to deal with it and publicly performs in front of many people.

5. Donny Osmond
He is an American performer who was diagnosed with generalized genetic disorder. This was due to some traumatic events that happened in his life. The stress was produced by his worries since he is afraid that he might not be successful in show business. In order to deal with his problem, he was able to undergo medical treatments that teach him how to control his emotions.

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Famous People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

1. Hayden Panettiere
She is a very famous in Hollywood as one of the hottest stars who suffered from body dysmorphic disorder when she was a teenager. She tends to be conscious and afraid to go out since there are images in a certain magazine where the presence of cellulite in her body is concerned. She was being mortified to a huge number of people who idolize her and struggles about a few months before she was able to recover. She was able to put all the negative press behind her career and keep to remind her that people behind those posts are just telling their opinions. Eventually it gives her motivation to be more optimistic when it comes to natural beauty of her body.

2. Sarah Michelle
She is a known to be one of the famous ringer stars whom people loved to watch. She also suffered from a body dysmorphic disorder, which she considered as one of the major problems in her life. She was not confident with her skin and used to think that other girls are more beautiful than her. Fortunately, in just a couple of months, she was able to cope up with it little by little after she was married and became a mother. Being a wife and a mother changes her life, and her body disorder was slowly been removed.

3. Lily Allen
She is a very good stage performer known to be unique and artistic with the different type of outfit she is wearing in every performance she was doing. She was known not just for her performance but also for her choice of outfit that would captivate the eyes of the people. She also suffers from body dysmorphic disorder wherein she was able to figure out herself as one of those overweight people. She was really conscious with her weight that made her to think how people look at her. Allen was able to cope up with this situation with the help of her boyfriend who always compliments her looks. She was able to overcome the issues with her weight by being optimistic and trusting her boyfriend’s compliments.

4. Manilyn Monroe
She is a famous American actress and singer. She was also known to be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder to the extent that she keeps on changing her face whenever she used to appear in the television. She was able to acquire mirror obsession as a manifestation of the different types of surgery she has undergone. She has successfully dealt with this disorder with the help of her dermatologist who keeps on teaching her how her face looks unique from other people as well as to be contented on what her look is.

5. Michael Jackson
He is popularly known one of the best performers in the whole world. Being a performer, he was not able to avoid himself from the struggles regarding his body. He was able to acquire body dysmorphic disorder as a manifestation of his hatred with his body. He was very embarrassed and shame as to how he looks. This made him undergo different types of surgical operations as well as treatments in order to make a quick change with his appearance. He was able to experience it for a long time, but he was relieved in this type of condition with the help of the people who are idolizing him. He stops undergoing treatments and operation upon knowing how people admire him.

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Famous People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

1. Howard Hughes
He was born on December 24, 1905 and died on April 5, 1976. He was an engineer, film producer, industrialist, director and American aviator. He is also considered as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. During the 1950s, he developed symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder and social avoidance behavior. This kind of disorder did not stop him to direct and launch excellent movies that aim to increase the handicaps that he imposed during the time that he already suffers from OCD.

2. Charles Darwin
A naturalist and author, he suffered from OCD. His health problems started in early 1825 when he was only 16 and he became incapacitated at the age of 28. The exact nature of his illness still remains mysterious up to this time. There is no exact diagnosis until the biological remains are examined and determined if he has an obsessive compulsive disorder. He died in year 1882.

3. Marc Summers
He is born on November 11, 1951 in Indiana. He is a popular game show host, talk show host, producer, television personality and children’s game show host. During an interview, he revealed that he has an obsessive compulsive disorder. He shared his condition to the public when he appeared in the Oprah Winfrey show in 1999. He wrote a book entitled “My trials and triumphs with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. This book serves as an inspiration to all individuals who also suffer from this disorder.

4. Billy Bob Thornton
He was born on August 4, 1955. He is well known as one of the award winning screenwriters in America. He is also an occasional director, actor and singer. He is well known in the mid of 1990s after directing and writing several movies. He explained that he is suffering from a repetitive compulsive disorder. His friend Warren Zevon who is a rock singer has also shared with him his experiences with the disorder. He said that he doesn’t know how to tell anybody the pain that he underwent with this kind of disease, but he did not lose hope.

5. Jessica Alba
She is an American actress born on April 28, 1981. Her film and TV credits are Fantastic Four, Sin City, Dark Angel, Idle Hands and Good Luck Chuck. She suffered from collapsing lungs, pneumonia, ruptures appendix, a cyst on her tonsils and obsessive compulsive disorder during her childhood days. With the help of the new technology and medications, she recovered and her health improved. They already moved to California in order to continue her treatment and medication.

6. Cameron Diaz
She is a former fashion model and American actress born on August 30, 1972. She is well known in her popular blockbuster movies that include My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, Sherk and Gangs of New York. She publicly admitted that she has an obsessive compulsive disorder and she said in an interview that she washes her hands regularly. On May 10, 2007, she publicly revealed that she already has peace of mind about her disorder.

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Famous People with Avoidant Personality Disorder

APD or Avoidant Personality Disorder or Anxious Personality Disorder affects one’s capability to meet people or socialize with others. There’s no recognized reason for this disorder even if it is said to be because of social, genetic factors and psychological influenced.
Lots of individual resist shyness, but one percent of the whole population suffers from this condition. For these individuals, extreme fear and shyness of refusal make it hard to interact professionally and socially.

Effects of Condition

Those with APD are restrained and uncomfortable in social conditions, overwhelmed through sense of inadequacy and very responsive to unhelpful criticism. Frequently, they are so scared of being taken for granted that they provide no one a chance to accept or reject them.

Those suffering from this disorder think themselves to be inferior or unappealing to others. They overstate the potential hardships of new cases and not often take risks or attempt new activities. Usually, they have a small group or no friends at all even if they do want to have close relationships. Thus, they frequently feel depressed and lonely. Most people suffering from this condition develop a world of imagination and fantasy.

Famous People with APD

Some of the famous people who suffered from APD include:

Kim Basinger
A lot of people know this gorgeous actress from her different movie roles. He is one of James Bond’s leading ladies in the film Never say Never Again. She also played an important role in the movie The Natural or 9 ½ Weeks. Kim speaks openly regarding suffering from APD and can remember feeling scared over reading out in front of her classmates. Her fright was so tremendous that teachers think she was having a nervous breakdown. The time she accepted her Oscar award for the movie LA Confidential, Kim was struggling and she doesn’t know what to say despite having exercised her dialogue for days.

She took part in talking about her APD in an HBO movie Panic: A movie about coping. In order to overcome this condition, Kim undertakes therapy. This helps her address her concern regarding how to socialize with others.

Donny Osmond
There’s something very pleasant about this person. In spite of his fame as pop superstar, still, he is humble and very approachable. During the interview sometime in year 2000, Donny revealed that he had been identified with APD or social anxiety condition. Donny traces his condition back when he was a teenager. In spite of his many appearances, still, he had great stage fright. This validates the principle that many individuals do face their frights on a daily basis, but are still afraid. Donny admitted during the interview that sometimes before walking on the stage, if he was given an option of walking on the stage or dying, he will choose death. The fundamental reason for the fright was the great pressure to be ideal or great.

Michael Jackson
According to the news, Michael Jackson, once in his life, suffered from APD most particularly during his travel to Australia. However, this was easily overcome because of the hospitality of the people that surround him.

Famous People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is experienced by someone who has been through a very tragic and traumatizing event, such as a war or car accident. It can drastic changes in behavior, and attitudes toward certain people or situations. For example a person that has been to war may experience flashbacks to their experience when they ear loud noises.This is a disorder that does not discriminate, here is a list of famous people that are suffering from PTSD.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi is an iconic actress, talk show host, and comedian from the United States. She is required to travel quite a bit for her career however this was a large problem for her. She developed PTSD after witnessing two planes collide mid air as a child. She had a large fear of planes because of this, and when she was required to get on one she suffered from severe panic attacks. She tries her best to travel by land when she can. She has also come out and said that she undergoes therapy for her disorder.

Barbra Streisand

An incident at a large concert where Streisand completely forgot the lines to her own song caused her to develop a very intense fear of singing in front of people, or being in the public eye in general. She felt humiliated and has had continued problems in dealing with PTSD it caused her. She regularly undergoes cognitive therapies in order to improve her fear, but has reportedly said that it is helping very little.

PTSD Statistics and Facts

Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

1. Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin was the former secretary general of Russia during the Russian revolution in 1971. He is an important part of world history, specifically World War II. Stalin was very strict with all of his policies while ruling the Soviet and Russian people. He was extremely power hungry.

Joseph Stalin exhibited all the characteristics of a person who has paranoid personality disorder. He did not trust anyone around him, even his closest allies. He over analyzed and became very paranoid over any interactions or conversations. Nobody could oppose his ideas and suggestions. This personality disorder has been said to have played a large part in his lack of mercy and brutal ways.

2. Saddam Hussein
Hussein was the president of Iraq, or dictator rather, for quite some time. His unusual and erratic behavior caused much turmoil to develop between him and other countries around the world. He horribly mistreated his people and threatened other countries. The United States entered war with Iraq, and eventually captured and killed Hussein.

He also suffered from paranoid personality disorder. He doubted all of his companions, family members, and everyone around him. He constantly felt like he was in danger of being exploited. This caused him to anger very quickly and make irrational decisions. His reputation was very important to him, and he firmly believed that the entire world was trying to ruin it. He is a prime example of someone who had a paranoid personality disorder.

3. Richard M. Nixon
Most of the famous individuals who are being treated as paranoid individuals are those people who stand as leaders of different nations. One of the best leaders of United States was Richard M. Nixon. This man was the 37th president of the United States and based on his behavior and characteristics as a person, many psychologists considered him as an example of a person that had paranoid personality disorder. He was unable to listen to the “other side” of things. He was convinced that people where out to get him.

Famous People with Histrionic Personality Disorder

1. Anna Nicole Smith
This woman is said to be a good example of famous individuals in the whole world that are positive with the so called histrionic personality disorder. Many psychologists claimed that Smith is positive with this kind of disorder because she manifested a lot of its symptoms. This lady manifested a lot of characteristics that can be associated to the personality disorder stated in the previous line during her early adulthood stage. Examples of the symptoms recorder from Smith were the act of having excessive emotions. Based on the information included in the background of this celebrity, the disorder started to appear in the image of Smith after abusing several kinds of prescription drugs.

2. Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe is a famous American actress. This lady is very talented and she has a very beautiful face to show to the public. However, many people got confused about her behavior. Monroe accepted marriage proposals for more than two times from different men. But the lady died miserable in the middle of a very flirtatious love life after experiencing several kinds of disappointments and dissatisfaction with all of her previous husbands and love partners. What could be the best reason to defend the fact that Marilyn Monroe is positive with histrionic personality disorder? Well, there’s only one perfect answer. Marilyn Monroe can be considered as an example of a Histrionic person because of her seductive behavior. Monroe also exhibited the behavior of being an attention-seeker which is one of the symptoms of this personality disorder.

3. Courtney Michelle Love
Courtney Michelle Love is also a famous American actress that has histrionic personality disorder. Love was one of the most excellent actress and television in America during the time when she was not yet addicted to drugs. Many people admired her before because of her great dedication to the act of protecting the rights of women. Love accomplished a lot of projects in the television industry as a full time actress and singer who inspired a lot of people especially those who belong in the list of her loyal fans.

One of the main reasons why Love was included in the list of famous personalities that are positive to histrionic personality disorder is the fact that she used drugs and became addicted to it just to gain the attention of many people. During the time when she was already taken into a rehabilitation center, Love attempted to finish off herself by trying to commit suicide. The exact reason of the actress for attempting to commit a suicide was not stated in the public news. However, there’s a possibility that she did it because she wants to be a real attention seeker that makes her a good example of histrionic person.

4. Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons is a famous fitness instructor and an actor in America. He is one of the famous individuals in the whole world that are suspected to have histrionic personality disorder. One of the signs found in him was the fact that he is very enthusiastic. He uses a lot of humorous and funny actions to get the attentions of many people while working as a promoter of different kinds of products for physical fitness.

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Famous People with Bulimia

There comes a point in your life that you turned to food whenever you feel bored, lonely and stressed. But in the case of Bulimia eating excessively is more of a compulsion. This is a condition affecting men and women of all ages. Bulimia is characterized by purging, binge eating and consuming larger quantities of foods in a short period of time and followed by an attempt to get rid of the consumed foods by spitting out or vomiting.


Common symptoms of Bulimia includes lack of eating controls, secrecy about eating, alternating between fasting and overeating, going to comfort rooms after heavy meals, using diuretics and laxatives after eating and excessive exercising. Living with the worst stage of Bulimia is difficult and this puts your health at risk. This condition also poses negative effects that individuals will endure like dizziness, weakness, abdominal pain, bloating, hoarseness, acid reflux, feet and hands swelling and many more.

This condition is a common in individuals whose occupations are merely focused on appearances like celebrities and athletes. No wonder, several notable personalities are said to be suffering from this stressing eating disorder. Public figures have also revealed and spoken publicly about their suffering due to this eating disorder. However, individuals have to keep in mind that everybody can be victims not just the rich and famous.

4 Famous People

Nevertheless, it was found out that many of the sufferers are coming from the niche of famous personalities. Some of them are as follows:

1. Princess Diana
Being in the eye of the public constantly has put the Princess of Wales into pressure and due to depression; Bulimia has become her way of coping. She had dealt with this condition for many years, and binging and vomiting have become her escape mechanism. She was proud of herself because she had overcome the condition completely.

2. Jane Fonda
She is a reigning fitness queen in her time and one of the many individuals who are suffering from Bulimia. She revealed that she became Bulimic as an actress and model at the age of 21, and her suffering is immense. Despite her condition, she still manages to talk about her personal battle against eating disorder to other individuals. This somehow educates people about Bulimia and how it affects one’s life.

3. Geri Halliwell
She is a famous member of the hottest girl group The Spice Girls. She has been obsessed to stay thin which leads her to pressure. This pressure is the reason why she developed Bulimia and suffers from this condition. She has also become exercise freak because of her strong intention to be slim.

4. Alanis Morissette
She is a famous singer with striking success in the international scene. She believed that professional pressure is the reason why she developed an eating disorder. She blames this pressure for her weight issues. She suffered from Bulimia between ages 14 to 18 but glad that she had made a way to overcome this.

Many of these famous people have recovered from the condition. However they can no longer deny that once in their life, this has caused their sufferings.

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Famous People with Panic Disorder

Anyone can experience fear attacks. When you think you need relief, you have to undertake an anxiety test at this moment. From the past years up to the present day, famous individuals have had fear or panic disorders. Well known actors, singers, writers, TV personalities, artists, psychologists as well as royalty all fought their fear disorders in order to change the world into an inspiring, diverse and wonderful one.

Even better, these famous personalities provided information regarding this matter which might help everyone suffering from panic disorder to do a similar thing. If those who are in the limelight are still able to impress many people with their skill and talent, there’s no reason you cannot do it as well and perhaps make your own name in the process.

Some of the famous individuals who were still able to become successful in life despite having a panic disorder are:

Princess Diane of Britain

While experiencing sadness for years, Diana also suffered post partum disorder after giving birth to her first kid. According to the news, Princess D also suffered panic disorder. Her personal bodyguards stated that during the first royal journey, Diana cried and became hysterical as she took a trip to different destinations, but always managed to retain her composure. Princes Diana valued the power of a loving and supportive family saying that the most significant thing in this world is your family.

David Bowie

It’s hard to think that this showy and loud rock superstar even felt anxious, but it is true. The major cause that David seldom said in interviews is because of his shyness in personal confrontation. In performance, David is capable to dwell in a totally different person and draw power and strength from it. During one of his interviews, David stated how lyric writing and singing make him stronger and more confident.

Oprah Winfrey

She is a renowned TV personality whose traumatic past led to nervousness for a lot of years. She was sexually abused and got pregnant at a very young age, but her baby died after birth. This led to severe anxiety and intricacy relating to those around her for a lot of years. On the other hand, knowing to cope up with anxiety issues gave Oprah the power to make essential life options such as making her own TV show. Oprah Winfrey believes in a saying “Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom.”

Johnny Depp

Who will think that this bubbly and handsome actor suffered social anxiety in his life? Introverted in person, Johnny has found that performing allowed him to overcome social anxiety and changed him to someone else. It set him free and enabled him to explore the potentialities of his nature. At this moment, this renowned actor is now very open regarding his social phobia.
There are lots of famous persons who suffer from panic disorder aside from those who are listed above. Panic disorder will make your life miserable once you don’t overcome it. It is essential to know the techniques of overcoming this disorder and this includes the love and support of your family.

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