Fear of Bellybuttons


Humans suffer from various kinds of phobias. Some of those phobias or fears are very real and are caused by substantiated factors. Some fears are not that real. They are more of a manifestation of a person’s psyche. Fear of bellybuttons is one such phobia that is not really based on real reasons but on a perception. Many fears, actually most phobias, are based on perceptions but those perceptions have some rationale or legit foundation. For instance, fear of spiders or reptiles is not unfounded phobias. But fear of ketchup or fear of bellybuttons is not in that category.

The fear of bellybuttons is known as omphalophobia. This phobia exists in three categories. The mildest category includes a condition wherein a person is afraid of touching one’s bellybutton. A person with such a fear will not want anyone else to touch their bellybutton and would also avoid touching other people’s bellybuttons. However, these people would be fine to look at bellybuttons or they would not mind if other people touch their own bellybuttons. The only time people with this type of fear of bellybuttons get worked up is when their own navels are touched, either by them or by others.

The second category of fear of bellybuttons is a bit more severe where people get worked up even if it is someone else’s navel that is being touched or is being visible. The third category is the worst where the very sight of navels or bellybuttons makes a person anxious and depressed. All three categories of this fear of bellybuttons would make one anxious to varying degrees and will certain evoke a great deal of terrifying fear when they spot pierced bellybuttons or tattooed navels.

There is only one reason to have been accepted till date which is regarded as the cause for the fear of bellybuttons. The navel or the bellybutton is the link of the umbilical cord. People with a fear of bellybuttons still imagine that the umbilical cord is of relevance and can be damaged or affected in some way if one touches the bellybutton. Worst case scenarios of being terrified and nauseated at the sight of bellybuttons are hyper cases of the same phobia.

One can opt for therapies or medications to regulate or manage the symptoms of fear of bellybuttons. Since the symptoms can get worse and there would seldom be any sign of the condition subsiding, medical or professional intervention should be sought.