Home Remedies for Swollen Gums

There are a wide variety of gum problems that include periodontitis and gingivitis. They can cause pain and swelling in the gums that is very uncomfortable.

Causes of Swollen Gums

Sore gums, swollen gums and red gums are some of the common symptoms of gum conditions people want to get rid of. If you notice that you have swollen gums, it is very imperative that you consult your dentist to make sure that your gums are in good health.

Treatment Options for Swollen Gums

To easily get rid of your swollen gums, here are some of the effective home remedies that you should try.

1. To avoid the occurrence of swollen gums, the first thing that you should do is to reduce your stress. According to medical professionals, stress can lead to weak immune system which hinders your ability to fight the bacteria that causes gum problems.

2. A salt solution has also been proven effective to treat gum problems. Salt solution has the ability to reduce your swollen gums. All you have to do is to dissolve a bit of salt in lukewarm water and swish the solution into your mouth for about 30 seconds. After your brushing routine, you can repeat the process for several times.

3. Tea bags also work to reduce inflammation of the gums. The tea bags are quite easy to prepare and are proven and tested to treat swollen gums in just a short period of time. Apply the tea bags onto your swollen gums for 5 minutes. According to researches, the tannic acid that is in tea bags has the potential to relieve gum infection and irritation.

4. If you have swollen gums, you can rub a little bit of honey on it. Researchers have found the natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties in raw honey is very effective for gum irritation.

5. Then next home remedy that you must try is to brush your swollen gums with a little amount of baking soda. It is a fact that baking soda can neutralize the amount of acids that are present in your mouth. In this way, you can reduce gum disease and tooth decay. In lukewarm water, put a little amount of baking soda and make a paste. The paste is the best one that you should use in brushing your teeth.

Give these home remedies a go if you are experiencing gum problems. They have been proven to work in reducing swelling and pain.

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Porcelain Braces Pros and Cons

Dental braces designs have seen considerable changes in previous years. Porcelain braces are considered the latest trend in orthodontics, which is more stylish and chic than the typical once. Porcelain braces have more natural look compare to mental braces, and this kind of brace are frequently the option of lots of individuals finding straighter teeth. To know the basic of porcelain braces, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Porcelain Braces

  • The natural look of porcelain braces is maybe the most significant benefit. Since this kind of brace is completed from porcelain, they are clear which tends to mix together with the usual color of your teeth. If compared to various kinds of braces such as metal, the porcelain designs are more subtle that appeals or pleads to a lot of individual. Seen from afar, this design of orthodontics is frequently unnoticeable. The cable which connects every bracket is normally smaller compared to the cable use on other braces such as metal.
  • Another important advantage is the level of comfort which many individual experience when using porcelain braces. Those who have worn porcelain braces understand how painful they could be on the gums and mouth. A lot of individual find wearing porcelain braces less annoying and irritating that result in a positive general experience.
  • The porcelain braces is accessible in lots of shades and blends in adequately with the teeth. This brace are attached permanently and provide a more at ease experience.
  • Compared to other braces available out there, the porcelain is made of durable and strong materials and breaking is unlikely. The rubber band can be altered with comfort. And the best thing about this brace is the fact that it fit on all patients. This also makes your teeth look stunning and beautiful. Thus, enhance your confidence as a whole.

Cons of Porcelain Braces

  • The biggest drawbacks of porcelain braces to a lot of individual are the expense involves. Since porcelain braces are normally mass produced, then inclined to outlay essentially less than the porcelain counterparts. Porcelain braces normally have a price tag of between 500 to 1000 dollars compared to metal ones. This additional expense could be an issue for some people.
  • Another drawback of using porcelain braces is the fact that they frequently become stained and blemished. Contact with beverages and foods inclines to leave marks on the ligatures. Because the ligatures of porcelain braces are white, they are particularly probe to blemishing and staining once compared to metal braces. Most times this defeat the objective of getting porcelain braces in the initial situation.
  • The porcelain braces is quite big compared to other kind of permanent braces available out there.
  • Porcelain braces have limitations, so proper care is required.

Porcelain braces is one of the most in demand type of permanent braces available out there. It really helps in realigning your teeth aside from the fact that it is comfortable to use, but make sure to consider the disadvantages as well prior to going to this kind of braces.

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Abscess Tooth Home Remedy

A tooth abscess is one of the most common dental issues. This is a collection of pus that is usually caused by bacteria within the root part of the tooth. Or, the infection may take place inside the tissue of your gums that surround the tooth. Do you feel a serious and persistent throbbing tooth pain? If you do then you can say that you might be experiencing this particular dental issue.

A tooth abscess would not disappear on its own especially when you failed to seek proper treatment and helpful advice from a certified dentist. For your case, there are two dental procedures that can be performed to address the issue and these are root canal and tooth extraction. But, if you are still looking for other safe ways to deal with this kind of problem and to find instant relief, don’t look further; the household remedies for abscess tooth will be the best alternative you can try today. Although professional dental care is very important, these remedies can assist you in alleviating the discomfort and pain that you feel because of tooth abscess.

Abscess Tooth Home Remedy

  • Alkaline Mouthwash – If you have tooth abscess, you may try curing the signs and symptoms by using an alkaline mouthwash. This can help in destroying the bacteria and soothe abscess pain. You could make this solution by stirring a quarter tsp of potassium carbonate with a ½ glass of water. This may take 3 to 4 treatment sessions after some hours prior the pain starts to subside.
  • Tea Tree Oil and Tea Bags – You may pack the infected area with used cooled tea bags for approximately twenty minutes every other hour might efficiently alleviate irritation and pain. Another substance that can help you in treating the symptoms is the tea tree oil. This particular oil comes with natural properties which can sanitize your tooth and soothe the pain and discomfort. It could be evenly effective to use the extract of tea tree oil as toothpaste.
  • Clove Oil – This particular oil is known to be an antiseptic and natural analgesic. The antibacterial properties that clove oil has make it efficient enough in relieving toothache, mouth sores and sore gums. When you apply clove oil in treating toothache, you can use a cotton ball or a tiny piece of tissue paper soaked in oil then, place it directly on your tooth. Let the oil of clove to be absorbed by the infected area as it will penetrate the affected tooth.

Clove oil is considered as the main ingredient in most medications and dental products which include mouth washes. A professional dentist usually makes use of zinc oxide and clove oil as an impermanent alternative for root canal treatment.

These are all the best household remedies that you can try today to get instant relief from the signs and symptoms of abscess tooth. These remedies can help you a lot in getting your life back to normal. These treatments are all 100% natural so these will not trigger any side effect when you use them.

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Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is one of the popular teeth issues that are often experienced by most people today. This is an obsessive habit which can result to pain. The other term for this teeth issue is Bruxism. This is one of the teeth problems that must not be ignored due to the possible complications that it can trigger. Because of this, it is really significant to seek medical help and ask for the best treatment.

The causes of this teeth issue are the abnormal teeth arrangement, stress, diseases like Huntington’s or Parkinson’s, growth of jaws and teeth, frustrated, and too much utilization of anti-psychotics or anti-depressants. The signs and symptoms of it are chronic facial pain, grinding or clenching teeth during at night, damage in the cheeks due to chewing, tooth sensitivity, continuous headaches, pain and tightening of muscles in the jaw, and pain in the face, jaw, and ear.

If you don’t have a big amount of money for the service of dentist, you can make use of the home remedies for teeth grinding. This can also give safe and effective results that will surely suit your needs.

Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding

  • Warm Bath and Massage – Before you go to bed and have your sleep, you must take first a warm bath and at the same time, you also need to massage your face and jaw with warm water. In this way, you will surely have a relaxing time to sleep.
  • Nighttime Chewing – In order to prevent your teeth from grinding, you can also perform a nighttime chewing. Make this as your regular habit and eat crunchy vegetables and fruits before you sleep. Eating this kind of foods is a great exercise for your gums and mouth. It can really give a relaxing feeling which can really lessen the clenching of your teeth.
  • Warm Washcloth – Put a washcloth that you soak in warm water for several minutes in your face while your jaw is on it relax condition. You must also cover your jaw in order to add some relaxing feeling on it. You can perform this at night.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol – Drinking alcohol can really make your teeth grinding even worse. As an alternative for alcohol, you can drink warm milk because this can really help you sleep immediately. Or, even a cup of herbal tea can also lessen the clenching of your teeth.
  • Deep Breathing Exercise – This can release the tension in the muscles of your jaw. It can support to keep these muscles relaxed. Perform this for several times before you sleep.
  • Supplements – There are some supplements today that can reduce teeth grinding. You must purchase supplements that contain a high rate of magnesium and calcium. These two can also reduce the occurrence of signs and symptoms of this teeth issue.

You can follow these home remedies for teeth grinding at home. You must perform this before you go to sleep. Always maintain your calmness and avoid stress because it is one of the main reasons why teeth grinding can get even worse. So, try the home remedies for teeth grinding and get instant relief.

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Home Remedies For Gum Abscess

Gum abscess is a certain health condition wherein the pus is getting accumulated within the gums. This only happens due to the bacteria that infect a certain area of the gums. The remaining particles from the foods you eat that get stuck inside your mouth will combine with the bacteria. Through this combination, it will surely form plaques until it reaches your gums. This is very harmful for both of your gums and teeth due to the additional issues that it will create.

Gum abscess forms through the presence of bacteria. These harmful organisms will infect your gums. After that, you will feel inflamed feeling and the tissues within your gums which are close to the root of your tooth and will get estranged starting from the base.

Gum Abscess Signs and Symptoms

  • A white spot in the gums (come from the accumulation of pus).
  • Swelling and redness of gums.
  • Severe and continuous pain which often begins without warning.
  • Bad taste within the mouth which is due to the draining out of pus.
  • Tenderness of the gums.

In order to prevent this gum issue from getting worse, there are safe home remedies for gum abscess and you can find some of them below. These remedies are natural so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

Home Remedies For Gum Abscess

  • Clove Oil – Put two drops of clove oil in your infected gums and rub it gently through the use of your finger.
  • Saline Water- Get one cup of warm water and melt a sufficient amount of salt. After that, wash your mouth through this saline water for several times every day. It can lessen the tenderness and pain in your gums and also burst the abscess.
  • Garlic- It is true that garlic has antibiotic properties which have the ability of avoiding the spread of infection in the entire areas of your gums. Get your mouth wash and add three to four cloves of garlic. Mix it in a glass of water and add a small amount of clove oil. Swish it properly around your mouth for several minutes. In this way, you allow to put out unwanted debris from the foods you eat.
  • Raw Papaya- When your gums are inflamed, raw papaya is the best treatment you can try. This will reduce the inflammation in your gums. Cut small pieces of papaya and place them in the inflamed area.
  • Baking Soda and Salt- These two are a perfect combination because it can easily expel the pus from the abscess. Get a sufficient amount of salt and baking soda and mix it. Apply it gently and properly in your gums that has abscess.

Following this home remedies for gum abscess will never fail your expectancies. All of these are best and effective to use and these treatment promise to bring back the healthy condition of your gums when you use these remedies in the best way.

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Infected Wisdom Tooth Symptoms

The wisdom tooth is also called as the third molars. This wisdom tooth often takes it action during a person’s late teenage life up to his mid-20s. The wisdom tooth is also prone to some infections. That’s why you need to take care of your mouth and teeth as much as possible. In cases that it will not be avoided, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Because of the wisdom tooth’s position inside your mouth, it is prone to getting infection. Their position not that accessible that you cannot assure their cleanliness at all times with the use of dental floss and toothbrush. Thus, the unwanted debris, food and plaque are left accumulated in between these teeth and give the bacteria a chance of multiplying rapidly.

There are also some conditions that the wisdom tooth is not seen since it is covered partially by a gum tissue flap. This can also result to infected wisdom tooth by trapping the bacteria, food and plaque.

The feeling of pain in the wisdom tooth area is one of the main symptoms of the said illness. Headaches, throat, jaw and neck pains can also be produced by the infected wisdom tooth of a person. Aside from the pain, the wisdom tooth infection can also lead to swollen lymph gland beneath the jaw and unfavorable sore throats. Swelling of the jaw area and the face, bad taste or smell presence within the mouth, and pus drainage are some of the common symptoms of infected wisdom tooth. It is also very observable to such situations that you are having a hard time in eating or chewing foods.

Studies have shown that about 60 to 70 percent of the total adult population is still experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth. If you are feeling that your wisdom tooth is being infected, do not hesitate to meet your dentist as soon as possible. He knows what will be the proper procedure and techniques to combat such infection.

The most common prescriptions to the infection are the use of the antibiotics and pain relievers. The numbing gels are also to assist you in relieving the discomfort feeling. To speed up the healing duration and to soothe the aches, gargling warm salt water can be of great help.

You don’t have to push the infection and get rid of eat in just a short period of time. Give it a time to recover from the infection and other troubles. The following are some more infected wisdom tooth symptoms.

Infected Wisdom Tooth Symptoms

  • You are having a hard time opening your mouth and swallowing the foods that you eat.
  • You may be suffering from swelling and pains.
  • Inflamed and reddened gums around the wisdom tooth.
  • You may also have a fever because of the infected wisdom tooth.
  • There is the presence of pus coming along the gum line.
  • Beneath your jaw, the lymph glands get sore and enlarged.

There are numerous treatments and remedies that can help you in addressing this wisdom tooth infection. Oral surgeons and dentists also recommend the removal of the infected wisdom teeth to avoid worse conditions. The best way to avoid this infection is by taking care of your teeth, especially the wisdom tooth and by taking regular check-ups with your dentist.

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What Causes Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth is a condition when your mouth is unpleasantly dry. Cottonmouth is medically known as xerostomia, which actually means dry mouth. The condition is extremely common. People of all ages may develop this condition but kids and young adults are likely to have a very temporary phase of dry mouth whereas elderly people may have a chronic cottonmouth. Women are more prone to dry mouth after a certain age but the condition is equally common in men and women.

Dry Mouth Condition

Dry mouth is a condition when the saliva in the mouth dries up. It is the saliva that keeps our mouth moist or wet. Without saliva, one would not only have a dry mouth, it would be unpleasant, have a different sensation and one would find it difficult to talk. With no saliva, one wouldn’t be able to taste food, eating and digestion would be difficult and the mouth would be prone to bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well.

Common Causes of Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth is caused by numerous factors. While the obvious cause is a reduced secretion or no secretion of saliva, that in turn is caused by other factors. Reduced saliva secretion would lead to temporary cottonmouth but no secretion of saliva would lead to long term or chronic cottonmouth. The latter is quite rare but does occur in some cases.

The mouth may have reduced saliva secretion when the body is too dehydrated. When moisture dries up in the human body, the saliva is not produced since the body needs fluids to secrete it and to make it available in the mouth. Cottonmouth, dry mouth or xerostomia, is caused very commonly due to the side effects of medications. This is one reason why elderly people are most likely to have cottonmouth. Several medicines or drugs can cause the saliva to dry up.

Among them, the serial offenders are medicines for blood sugar, antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics and anti-inflammatories. Radiation treatments for a wide range of health conditions can also cause cottonmouth. There is a condition known as salivary gland disease which can also reduce or stop the secretion of saliva and thus lead to dry mouth or cottonmouth.

Health Conditions That Contribute to Dry Mouth

There are many other causes of cottonmouth such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal problems and systemic lupus erythematosus among others. Depression, anxiety and stress can also cause dry mouth or xerostomia. Cottonmouth can be easily treated but one should opt for a medical diagnosis before choosing a course of treatment.

Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Novocaine Side Effects

Novocaine or generically known a procaine hydrochloride is a known local anesthetic used for dental procedures. The effect if this anesthetic usually last for a particular period online and is considered as a safe drug that can be used to any people. Though there are many dental experts who are choosing this local anesthetic, people should still be aware of the fact that like drugs in the market, novocaine has its own side effects.

Even dentists know these side effects, making it necessary for them to review the entire medical history of their patient and never let their patients know the possibilities when the anesthetic is used. So, before you go to your dentist and just undergo a dental procedure requiring the use of the drug, it is best that you wary first of the novocaine side effects that you may experience.

Novocaine Side Effects

  • Allergic Reactions

The allergic reactions that you may feel may vary the range of its severity. To know whether you are suffering from allergic reactions, let your doctor know that it is your first time being exposed to the drug, for him or her to monitor any symptoms. Usually, the allergic reaction would show up in the area where the anesthesia was applied or injected. The area may swell up as a mild reaction and in severe ones trouble breathing.

  • Tremors and Blurred Vision

These are considered as severe side effects since the reaction of the body to the anesthesia is, somehow, uncontrollable. Whenever these times come, it is always necessary that the doctor would do needed procedures to control the patient and lessen the effects of the anesthesia.

  • Interfere the Central Nervous System

In worst cases, the possible side effect that you may suffer from is the hindrance in the normal function of your central nervous system. Your dentist should have reviewed your history and give you necessary dosage of the anesthesia to prevent this from happening. The usual thing you may experience that may lead to this severe side effect is dizziness and nervousness.

  • Unconsciousness and Convulsions

Once your body reacts to the anesthesia, there is a great chance that you may suffer from the mentioned side effects. When injected to the spine, unconsciousness may be a normal sign but prolonged unconsciousness is a severe case that should be addressed by professionals. This is alarming especially when the mild reaction turns to convulsions, which may result to respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Being aware of these side effects will make you understand the importance of talking to your dentist before undergoing any dental procedure. This will help you understand the mils reactions that you may have after the anesthesia is applied and let your dentist minimize these reactions by providing the right dosage of the anesthesia. Since it can also be used on the spine, it is best that your doctor is fully aware of the possible reactions that you may have as the anesthesia is injected.

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Lumineers Pros and Cons

Dentistry has actually made a lot of advances. Nowadays, patients and customers have a wide range of options to choose from to restore and improve the normal functions of their teeth and to enhance his/her appearance. Lumineers is one of these advancements. These are usually or commonly used in order to correct different dental flaws like chipped teeth, teeth discoloration, and minor misalignments. This dental treatment is one of the most affordable solutions for correcting such conditions. Lumineers offer lots of advantages. Because of this, most dentists usually recommend this treatment than porcelain veneers. You should know about the lumineers pros and cons.



The Pros of Lumineers

  • In some dental cases, lumineers can actually be a less costly alternative to porcelain veneers.
  • They can last between five to ten years, with some even lasting twenty years for the patients.
  • They are also capable of remaking or reproducing natural appearance of enamels. Thus, patients can have white, beautiful smile without ever producing fake appearance.
  • Lumineers offer near immediate results or approximately seventy two hours.
  • This dental treatment requires minimal invasive procedure. A porcelain material is being used to make lumineers solutions, and these are much thinner as compared to the porcelain veneers.
  • Since lumineers fit perfectly on the top of tooth, adaptations to the natural tooth aren’t necessary. Thus, anesthesia, drilling, and numbing aren’t needed.
  • They are being considered as ‘prepless’ veneers and they are also painless.
  • Lumineers  neeed reversible dental procedure. This only means that you can actually decide to get rid or remove your lumineers if you want to.
  • Lumineers are less expensive compared to the other dental solutions, the reason why more and more patients are opting for this one.



The Cons of Lumineers

There are also some disadvantages when it comes to lumineers, and it is essential that patients know about it prior to choosing this dental treatment.

  • Lumineers aren’t always the most appropriate and suitable solution for every patient.
  • In some cases, lumineers won’t last for long as compared to porcelain veneers because they’re made from a thin porcelain material.
  • If you usually grind your teeth – consciously or unconsciously, then this treatment is definitely not for you.
  • Another disadvantage of lumineers is that there may be some mismatch with the surrounding teeth. These may not perfectly blend with neighboring teeth.
  • These are not repairable, if they are cracked or chipped, new ones may be needed.
  • Grinding and clenching teeth can easily cause chipping and cracking to the lumineers even though they hold up much better than resin or porcelain.
  • Lumineers are easily loosened or dislodged if there is an excessive pressure on your teeth.

Yes, lumineers can be the best and the most cost effective solutions to beatify or improve your teeth and the appearance of your mouth, however, before you decide anything you should also consider or know the different disadvantages it can offer. By knowing lumineers pros and cons, you will be able to make a right decision that can suit your unique needs and requirements.


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Laser Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons

Your smile is one of the most wonderful expressions of your face and is definitely irreplaceable. And if you have yellowish and unclean teeth, it will definitely make your look ugly and dull. That is what more and more people are opting for teeth whitening procedures in order to improve their smiles and to replace yellowish and stained teeth with white and bright set of teeth. To achieve this, you have to consider opting for a specialized treatment like laser teeth whitening to targets and marks and spots as well to clean your teeth inside and out.

Laser teeth whitening treatment has now gained extreme popularity from the different parts of the globe and this is because of what it has to offer. Though this is considered and proven very effective and advantages, still it has some disadvantages as well. First, you should know about the many advantages of this method and after that weigh it by knowing its disadvantages.

The Pros of Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

This method has too many advantages, the very reason why majority of those seeking tech whitening solutions are opting for this one.

– With laser teeth whitening, you can actually expect seven to ten shades much lighter color of teeth.

– It is known and proven to be the fastest option for teeth whitening, thus it easily and successfully produces satisfying immediate results.

– Laser teeth whitening is non invasive treatment, which does not cause pain or bleeding during and after the session is done.

– More often than not, there is no anesthesia required for this treatment for this treatment is actually least painful among the different teeth whitening methods.

– This teeth whitening treatment is safe. It does not have side effects at all nor does this treatment cause damages to your teeth.

– For those who fear dental treatments, this teeth whitening procedure will surely be one pleasant experience.

– This works against irritating and stubborn stains such as tobacco stains, tetracycline stains, and deep rooted stains.

The Cons of Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

If you are planning to use this method to whiten you teeth, you should know the different disadvantages. With this, you will be able to learn if this really is the best option for you.

– One of the biggest and common drawbacks of this laser treatment is the costs involved. It is one of the most expensive treatments that offer immediate results. So, if you are a money conscious individual, then this is definitely not the best treatment for you.

– Some cases and some patients claim that they are suffering from tooth sensitivity after the procedure. Or those with sensitive teeth before the procedure may feel more sensitive after the laser whitening procedure.

As the patient, you must prioritize your health and in this case the health of your mouth and teeth. Before choosing any specific treatment, you have to consider the different essential factors and aspects and take them into account. This way, you will never regret your decision.

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