Year Round School Pros and Cons


Schooling is very important most especially to the youth. Through this, individuals are given the chance of learning everything and they will know if what specific field or area they want to enhance as their career in the future. But there are emerging issues pertaining to the educational system and one of these is the year- round schooling.

The concept of year-round schooling is to extend the number of school days of students. Meaning, more days in schools the more improved the knowledge and skills. There are statistics showing the effect of this scheme that has implemented in some of the countries around the world. But the big question is if it really going to change everything of how the educational system does its job? There are parents who are not in favor of the year-round schooling for several reasons. To know whether the year-round school is really reliable and beneficial, here are the pros and cons of it to guide you.

Pros of Year-Round School

Since the year-round school is bringing shorter vacations; this will be resulting into a lower rate of retention. The shorter the break the students have is the more they will be receiving enrichment education that will be filling-out the learning which is primarily loss during summer. Furthermore, this scheme is also helping in inculcating the skills of the teachers after having long vacations.

Through year-round school, students will no longer be having difficulties of remembering the past lessons and will be helping those students who are consequently having lower grades to improve themselves even more. This is also proposing that there will be an evenly distributed of vacation time. By doing this, scheduling for family vacations is made easier and the students are given the opportunity of regenerating what they have learned more frequently.

Another, students are becoming globally- competitive because they are well- provided with education. This is very beneficial to almost of the countries around the world.

Cons of Year-Round School

Now that the positive side of the year-round school has already catered to you, this is now the time for you to know its negative side.

There are critics who are absolutely not in favor to this scheme for the reason that they see this unreliable and inconclusive. Students will not actually be remembering everything for the fact; there are still vacation breaks assigned. Though students are learning, they still have this innate characteristic wherein they are likely forgetting everything what they have learned in school because of some environmental factors.

The year-round school system will be decreasing the time for development programs because it is more focusing on academics. Schools who will be implementing this will preferably having higher maintenance costs just to comply what the student’s needs are. There are statistics suggesting that there is a need to hire more teachers that will be supporting the whole educational scheme of year-round school.


The year-round school is created to cater a newer system in the educational system that has the main goal of improving the students. Though, you cannot deny that there are some really negative about it but then this is basically created for the benefits of the students and not for personal reasons.

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