What Are the Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder


Guide to Anxiety Disorders

What Exactly Are Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a disorder that affects over twenty million Americans across the country. There can be numerous reasons why people start to get the different elements of the mental illness. Most people get confused and are not sure of how this simple illness can be so devastating, and harmful to people. But a further look into the disease will explain how damaging it could be to people.

Drawbacks to Anxiety Disorders

Most people with the disorder just think that you only experience psychological problems from the illness, however this is very untrue. Studies have shown that victims experience physical complications from the mental illness as well. Disturbed sleep, along with chest tightness can be significant symptoms that can affect anyone diagnosed with the disorder.

However the psychological problems can be just as harsh as the physical ailments. Most people begin to be panicky and irritable around familiar faces like their own family and friends. Being afraid and just worrying a lot are also damaging factors when dealing with the most common psychological disease within the United States of America.

Victims from Anxiety Disorder Sufferers

The victims that actually suffer from the common psychological are six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than people who don’t suffer from anxiety. When you think about it that is a huge number that can hopefully be corrected from more research being issued into the familiar disorder? The youngest age that you can be officially diagnosed with the disease is sadly eleven years of age.

Another astounding statistical number is that the prevalence of people that may eventually develop an anxiety disorder during their lifetime is almost thirty percent. Studies have shown that anxiety disorder victims are three times more likely to commit suicide than other people who aren’t affected from the disorder. In some cases people could develop depression from the severe symptoms that are associated with the illness that plagues so many American across the United States.

Contributing Symptoms

Some studies have shown that four out of ten singular persons with bipolar can be diagnosed as also having anxiety, which actually makes perfect sense since both illnesses share the exact same deadly, annoying symptoms. Seventy percent of the cases of people that obtained arthritis or diabetes actually had anxiety first before any signs of the other ailments began to take effect on their bodies. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are several types of anxiety disorders.

Generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are all considered anxiety illnesses. Sadly all of them have some type of stress, and worry associated with them that lead to the severity of each of the anxiety disorders. However, most people that suffer from this terrifying illness are now looking for other ways to try and tame the disease so that it won’t get to out of control.