Vasectomy Pros and Cons


There are many couples nowadays who are supporting the use of birth control methods. With other couples, they tend to make use of vasectomy as their main method. This is a procedure wherein men undergo the permanent removal of the vas deferens where sperm passes through. Given that vas deferens is the passage of the sperm whenever they are having sex, the procedure focuses on cutting of the part and tying it to ensure that no amount of sperm will be passing through the vas deferens.

If you are one of those men who are trying to decide on whether you should undergo the procedure or not, it is best that you will learn first the possible pros and cons of the procedure to make sure that you will end up with the right decision. Take note that the results will be permanent, which makes it necessary for you to know the possible effects and benefits after you undergo it.

Pros of Vasectomy

1. The procedure is fast and simple. Undergoing this procedure nowadays would only take a short period of time. After the procedure and complete rest, you can go back to work the next day and to your normal activities after a week or 2.

2. There are no noted side effects. Since the procedure is noted as a safe method, there is no fatality at risk and long term side effects were not recorded from people who have undergone the procedure.

3. Provides around 99% birth control effectiveness. Given that its effects are permanent, men tend to provide a permanent help with the process of birth control in a family. This is very beneficial especially when the couple has already reached the number of children that they planned.

4. Does not affect sexual drive. One of the main concerns of men with these kinds of procedures is the effect on their libido. But what makes it advantageous is that, men do not have to worry about their libido since the release of the sperm is the only one affected in the procedure.

Cons of Vasectomy

Though there are many advantages, the procedure for vasectomy also brings certain disadvantages that men should know. Some of these are the following:
1. Though it may be considered as an effective form of birth control, there are still chances wherein unexpected pregnancy may develop. This is, somehow, applicable for those who have undergone an incomplete recovery from the procedure or has happened to be included in the number of patients whose sperm still pass through the organ.

2. May cause STD. Since men are already confident that they cannot get any lady pregnant after sex, there is a high risk that they can spread STD especially during unprotected sex with different partners.

3. Short term side effects may happen. These side effects may last for a few days only and can be endured by any man.
Having all of these details in mind, you can now decide whether you are prepared to endure all the disadvantages for the long term benefits that you can get after the procedure.

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