Billable Medical Code for Lesion of Ulnar Nerve

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 354.2

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 354.2.

The Short Description Is: Ulnar nerve lesion.

Known As

Ulnar neuropathy is also known as cubital tunnel syndrome, entrapment ulnar nerve, L ulnar nerve entrapment, L ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow, L ulnar nerve lesion, L ulnar nerve palsy tardy, L ulnar neuropathy, left ulnar nerve entrapment, left ulnar nerve lesion, left ulnar nerve palsy tardy, left ulnar neuropathy, left ulnar neuropathy at elbow, lesion of left ulnar nerve (disorder), lesion of right ulnar nerve (disorder), neuropathy (nerve damage) ulnar at elbow, neuropathy (nerve damage) ulnar at the wrist, neuropathy (nerve damage) ulnar nerve, neuropathy, ulnar at elbow, neuropathy, ulnar nerve, R ulnar nerve entrapment, R ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow, R ulnar nerve lesion, R ulnar nerve palsy tardy, R ulnar neuropathy, right ulnar nerve entrapment, right ulnar nerve lesion, right ulnar nerve palsy tardy, right ulnar neuropathy, right ulnar neuropathy at elbow, tardy left ulnar nerve palsy (disorder), tardy right ulnar nerve palsy (disorder), tardy ulnar nerve palsy, ulnar nerve entrapment, ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow, ulnar nerve entrapment at left elbow (disorder), ulnar nerve entrapment at right elbow (disorder), ulnar nerve entrapment at wrist (disorder), ulnar nerve lesion, ulnar nerve palsy tardy, ulnar nerve syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, ulnar neuropathy at elbow, ulnar neuropathy at the wrist Guyons canal, ulnar neuropathy at wrist, and ulner neuropathy at wrist (disorder). This applies to cubital tunnel syndrome and tardy ulnar nerve palsy.

Ulnar Neuropathy Definition and Symptoms

Ulnar neuropathy is a condition that involves the ulnar nerve, which is in the elbow and wrist. This disorder causes damage to the nerve resulting numbness in the hands, tingling in the hands or fingers, problems with pincer grip (thumb and index finger), as well as general weakness in the hand. Some of the common causes of ulnar neuropathy are venipuncture, arthritis, diabetes, and tumors.