Tubal Litigation Pros and Cons


Tubal ligation is one of the safest types of women contraceptive. Definitely it has some great benefits, on the other hand that are also a number of risks. You have to know more this procedure to determine if this is suitable for you or not.


Some surgeons utilize ways if they are executing a tubal ligation. Some surgeons as well as cut the tubes then cauterize them. Some choose to tie these tubes. The primary method is certainly more efficient, however it also irreversible.

Sometime, women that undergo this method will stay in the medical hospital for at least eight hours. The surgeon will ask the patient to come back to make sure that procedure worked correctly. Tubal ligation is considered custom and the possibility of complication is very low.

Having the tubes is tied is certainly considered the best types of women contraception, however once not done rightly, then it might not be as efficient as you want for it to be. The possibilities of getting pregnant upon the procedure are approximately two out of 800.

Because tubal ligation is intended to lastingly end the capability of women from getting pregnant, it is best to think about the pros and cons of tubal ligation prior to going ahead.

Pros of Tubal Ligation

1. Tubal ligation is efficient right away: This procedure is considered the most effective contraceptive for women.
2. This procedure can be performed like other surgery, especially like C-section and the elimination of ovarian cysts.
3. Very reliable type of permanent birth control for women

Cons of Tubal Ligation

1. Reversible for short span of time: This procedure according to many experts is just reversible for a very short period of time.
2. Possible Complications: Another downfall of undertaking this procedure is the reason that there are many possible complications involved, because of being a surgical procedure.
3. Natural Pregnancy is Unfeasible: This is the biggest drawbacks of this procedure. To get pregnant after the procedure can be relatively costly.
4. It needs general anesthesia with intubation
5. High risk of ectopic pregnancy. This normally happen in just 2 percent of the entire pregnancies.
6. This procedure entails surgery in the abdomen that brings a little risk of the internal organ harm and other risk of undergoing surgery such as infection and bleeding.

More About Tubal Ligation

There are diverse regulation on this surgical procedure in the various states and cities. In some state, there is an age limit for this method. Normally the women have to be at least twenty one years old; on the other hand sometimes this limit is higher. Some cities and states in the US require patients to wait thirty days prior to having tubal ligation, just because they would like the women to really think regarding what they are doing prior to doing it. It is also likely for surgeon to need written permission of the partner or husband so to do the procedure.
Understanding the pros and cons of tubal ligation will help you decide if you want to pursue this kind of contraceptive or not.

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