Strangulated Hernia Symptoms


Strangulated hernia is a condition in which a person is suffering from irreducible hernias. It is that condition when the person is experiencing a bowel obstruction. This is described as the interruption of blood supply going to the intestine, which is strangulated hernia. This condition is concluded as a fatal one. Even an emergency surgery has a high mortality risk. That is why it is better to consult your doctor immediately. Awareness of the strangulated hernia symptoms is also necessary since these are the only indications when you will know something is wrong with the body. The symptoms will also help in letting you know when you should consult a doctor.

Abdominal wall hernias are occurring by a window opening within the abdominal wall. This allows the intestine to poke from end to end of that window. Just imagine what would happen if this window clamped shut while a bowel fold is poking from it. This action will result in the squeezing and shutting off of the blood from within the intestine. This will eventually end to the death of tissues rapidly. As the intestine dies as well as the bowel, all kinds of toxins are released in the blood stream. Then, blood poisoning will begin, which soon leads to death.

The unfortunate thing is the warning comes suddenly and without any warning at all. This warning comes in the form of an acute pain, which is the one of the strangulated hernia symptoms. Unfortunately, this pain can quickly become severe. And, the only way the pain can be relieved is with the help of a suitable physician or surgeon.

Aside from pain that gradually worsens, nausea and vomiting are also other strangulated hernia symptoms. Swelling can be present as well. Pain can be felt if the hernia is touched. Red skin develops surrounding the hernia can also be seen.

As was said, the best way to avoid the risk of death is to go to a doctor once the symptoms are felt. If you think that you are suffering from the condition, do not hesitate to go to your doctor immediately. This is the way that your mortality risk can be lessened. Also, it is still recommended to go to your doctor even if your hernia is not getting painful. Bowel obstruction may need to be prevented early that is why a surgery is needed. Undergoing this operation may prevent strangulated hernia from occurring. Both of these can be fatal, which is why it is such a necessity to undergo a surgery.

As a conclusion for the strangulated hernia symptoms, it is necessary to see your doctor as soon as you feel a sharp pain. This is what must be done even if the pain does not reach the severe level yet. This is recommended to be done a day or two after the pain is felt. A strangulated hernia is needed to be avoided at all cost. And, to make this possible, you have to consider the pain as the signal of your next action.

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