Single Payer Health Care Pros and Cons


Are you one of those people who are bothered with all the medical bills that you need to pay in the hospital? Well then, you need not to worry anymore since single payer health care is already here to answer your entire quest regarding that matter. It is a system wherein government pays for the entire cost of the health care bills of the people. It is a funding mechanism in which the health care bills are being financed by trusted and convenient body that uses a single fund.

People who are not yet familiar with this single payer health care is confuse if this is really a good system where they can get engage with since there are also some flaws in this system that people need to be aware of.

The Pros of Single Payer Health Care

Here are some of the benefits that people may get if they are going to be part of the single payer health care:

1. People are guaranteed to receive high quality health care system. This single payer health care system treats the people equally regardless of their economic as well as social status. People will be receiving insurance equally and accordingly.

2. This is a system that does not require complex billing. Hence, doctors and all other medical personnel can freely carry out medical procedures and lend medicines any time especially if it is greatly needed by the people.

3. Since it is a non-profitable system, the cost of this single health care system is considerably reduced. There are no executives employed in the system hence higher profits would not be evident.

4. Single payer health care has no limitations. It is open to all the people and covers everything regarding their medical and health care bills.

5. Since it is a system run by the government, insurance premiums is not evident or doesn’t completely exist compared to private organizations doing the same system.

The Cons of Single Payer Health Care

Here are some of the risks brought by single health care system:

1. The bureaucracy of the government increases since there is a need to administer the system. It needs to be expanded in order to reach out people even if they are from faraway places.

2. All the doctors who are under the system became government employees who are receiving high amount of salaries in the government.

3. It uses the so called socialized medicine that American people are standing for. This allows people to become a communist in their own place or country.

4. Socialism is also evident but people cannot easily determine what the relationship of this in the system is.

How People Look at Single Payer Healthcare

The benefits and the risks that this single payer health care is giving people the chance to determine the convenience and effectiveness of the system to the people. It is greatly dependent on the decision of the people either they are going to be part of the system or not. Although there are some flaws with the system but still the benefits that these are giving to the people are all worth it.

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