Shea Butter Versus Cocoa Butter


So you are a person who cares about the condition of your skin. You want something that moisturizes your skin extremely well. The question is which one is better for your skin, sheer butter or cocoa butter. Let’s take a look at both and you can make your own decision.

Elements and Characteristics of Shea Butter

Let’s start by looking at skin repair, for example dealing with acne and rashes. One of the key elements with Shea butter is that it is a source of vitamins A and E which helps to repair damaged skin. Now cocoa butter has natural ingredients that helps prevent rashes. These same ingredients may also stop the growth of cancer and tumors.

Where Cocoa Butter Comes From

Now one other thing to take into account is the fact that both are created from natural substances. Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans. Shea butter comes from the karite tree found in west and central Africa. When looking at using something on your skin, using something from nature is a good thing. Using nature will not harm your skin but rather protect your skin.

Now if you are dealing with acne, scars from acne or stretch marks, it is believed that both products can help you with them. All three of these can affect your self-esteem so whatever can be done to prevent or fix these issues is important. Acne comes about from issues with your pores. Cocoa butter will clog your pores while Shea butter will keep your pores open.

Now one key thing about Shea butter is that it can also help to reduce scars from acne. Now it is also believed that cocoa butter will help with stretch marks. However depending on whom you ask some will tell you it helps, some will tell you that it has no bearing on stretch marks. It all depends on who you ask.

Nutritive Value

As one can clearly see both cocoa butter and Shea butter have many positives. Now very important to understand is that both of them have a high amount of nutritive value. Now to gain the most the value you want the most raw form you can find. The problem is that it can be very hard to find a raw product.

The reason it is so hard to find a raw product is because a lot of times these two butters have been messed with by adding additives, which could help your skin or damage your skin. Try to find your most raw form.

All in all when one is looking to take care of their skin there is a lot of options out there. The best thing about both of these products is that they come from natural sources. So they will not harm your skin . Your skin is one of your most precious commodities do all you can to protect it.