Scandinavian Personality Traits


Identifying the races of Europe and applying specific personality traits to the different regions is certainly not a new idea. The idea that geographical location and genetics plays a huge role in how personality develops.

The Scandinavian Personality Traits have been under investigation since the late 1800’s. There have been multiple publications that have looked at how the Scandinavian Personality Traits are prevalent as much as the light hair and light eyes are prevalent in people with heritage in this region of Europe.

The Seattle Freeze

In the US Seattle has been voted one of the most unwelcoming cities. In 2005 a reported coined the term the “Seattle Freeze” and added the large amount of Nordic immigration in the early 19th century as one of the key components of this unwelcoming vibe that Seattle evidently gives off.

Some of the familiar Scandinavian personality traits include: reticence, a highly skeptical personality, general mistrust of strangers, cautious behavior, somewhat reserved personality and a lack of empathy. You can also add to the list being introverted, confident and very focused.

The Genetic Connection

Scandinavian countries have historically been no nonsense type countries throughout history. They have been affiliated with being people of great courage and also with being countries that invaded other countries. They also were great innovators. They built powerful cultures and countries.

Some scientists give quite a bit of weight to the genetics of personality and it would stand to reason that at the very least some of personality is genetic which would lead to the idea that if you are Nordic or from Northern Europe than you are going to share some of that “dog eat dog” personality of your ancestors.

It Can Serve You Well

Being a little stoic and reserved can actually serve you well in many career fields. The lack of empathy may not win you popularity contests but it certainly is a valuable trait in a competitive career field. People with Scandinavian Personality Traits also make great leaders for difficult tasks where decision making is not popular.

The ability to fend for yourself and put your needs first can mean a very successful lifestyle. Introversion also associated with Scandinavian Personality Traits can also mean introspection which is always a good trait. The ability to have an internal loci of control and to act on it makes the Scandinavian Personality Trait a key trait for personal success.