Ricin Poisoning Symptoms

Ricin Poisoning Symptoms

It is true that many people today make use of these seeds to kill a certain person. This seeds can be eaten, inhaled, and injected when it is in powdered or liquid form. It also dissolves in water or any liquids. When the poison is already inside the body, a person will feel unexplainable feeling that will lead him or her to death. A person will be so very lucky if he or she survive from death.



The Top 4 Ways to Ricin Poisoning

1. Ingestion
Drinking or eating ricin will produce vomiting and diarrhea that might cause supreme dehydration, and cramping. Bleeding in the stomach may also happen. There are individuals who experience bloody urine, hallucinations, and seizures.

2. Inhalation
The signs and symptoms of ricin inhalation are shortness of breath, nausea, and cough. The fluid of it will start to spread in the lungs and when it happens, excessive sweating and fever will surely occur. Failure of respiration and low blood can trigger death.

3. Injection
When ricin is injected, it will produce pain and swelling around the lymph nodes and muscles. When the poison is continuously spread in the body, internal blessing will surly occur which may lead to death.

4. Eye and skin exposure
When ricin products and powder have been contact in the skin, it will lead to pain and redness in the skin and eyes.



The poison inside the body is so hard to detect but it is not really deadly. Even if it is doesn’t have similarity with process of detecting other diseases, doctors and some medical staffs will still make their own process in detecting the poison perfectly. The treatments that can remove the poison usually have the same process. The treatments given to the people help to remove the entire poison in the body. Patient should undergo the treatment continuously so that their body will be free from poison.

The ricin poisoning symptoms should be cured in order that the person can still live in this world for several years. Aside from that, he or she can also experience living happily with his or her family. People must be aware on the drinks or foods that offered by the people around them. In this way, they can guarantee to their self that they can help in preventing the poison from entering their body. To learn more about ricin poisoning symptoms, you can use the web to learn more.


Ricin Potential Bioterror Weapon