Pros and Cons of Organ Transplants

Organ transplants can save the lives of other people who are at risk of death due to the presence of damaged organs in their bodies that were caused by some serious health problems and diseases. It is a process of moving an organ of a donor to the body of another individual or patient who needs it. The procedures of this medical service are very sensitive. The doctors must be very careful in all of its steps because a little mistake can put the lives of the donor and the patient in danger.

Most of the time, the main purpose of this operation is to replace the damaged or absent organ of a patient with a new organ that was taken from the body of a healthy donor. A person who wants to donate an organ to a patient must be very healthy and free from any type of illness. The health status of a donor is one of the factors that the doctors must examine in selecting the best donor for their patients. Another factor is the compatibility of the donor’s organ to the lost or damaged organ of a patient who needs it. When these factors are present in one of the target donors, an immediate organ transplant operation can be conducted to save the life of the patient who needs the organ of the selected donor to survive.

Many people have successfully saved the lives of other individuals in this world with the help of Organ Transplants. However, this medical procedure has pros and cons that every people in this world should always remember. In this article, the pros and cons of this medical operation will be enumerated.

The Pros of Organ Transplants

  • This kind of medical operation can save several patients from death every day. A donor can save almost eight patients in this kind of medical operation when properly executed by the doctors.
  • Organ transplants help patients who have damaged organs to achieve a second chance at life. Patients won’t be able to live longer and healthy if one of their organs are missing or no longer functioning. And the only way to save them is to lend them with new organs to transfer in their bodies.
  • The donors who decided to donate their organs to other people who need it have manifested love for others.

The Cons of Organ Transplants

  • The donors who are willing to grant their organs to some patients are very limited. Not all patients have chances to survive because the number of donors who are willing to help them is not enough match their number.
  • There are some surgeons and doctors that are very irresponsible in this kind of medical operation. As a result, not all of its procedures become successful.
  • It’s very expensive, the poor patients can never avail it if a rich people will not support their medical expenses for the operation.
  • Some donors donate organs to patients in exchange for huge amount of money due to poverty.

Solid Organ Transplants