Pros and Cons of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure or treatment choice aimed for patients suffering from kidney diseases. A donated kidney will be placed inside the abdomen of the patients and will do the works of the failed kidneys. The kidneys of the patient will not be removed during transplant operation not unless there’s a condition that requires it. Facing a kidney transplant is a very serious matter; it is an issue of life and death. Thus, people should be aware about the different factors when it comes to kidney transplant especially in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.



The Top 5 Pros Of A Kidney Transplant

1. Transplanted kidneys work just like normal kidneys.

2. The patient will be able to feel much healthier and even more normal.

3. The patient will have fewer restrictions on diets, so he/she has the chance of improving quality of life.

4. The patient who undergone a kidney transplant won’t be needing dialysis anymore.

5. A patient who successfully went through a selection process will have higher chance to live a much longer life.



The Top 8 Cons Of A Kidney Transplant

1. A kidney transplant requires major surgery, which can cause further health problems if not done successfully. Also, this process is usually expensive.

2. Donated kidneys are not always available. Some patients will need to wait for potential donors.

3. One of the most unfortunate things about kidney transplant is that, the body of the patient who needs a new kidney might reject the new kidney. Thus, one kidney transplant may or may not last for a lifetime.

4. In undergoing kidney transplant, the patient will need to use or take immunosuppressant, which can actually cause some complications.

5. Kidney transplantation is not recommended for those who have severe obesity, heath disease, mental disorders, and chronic illness.

6. Should take anti rejection medicines the rest of patient’s life or the kidney’s life.

7. Higher risks for infections from anti rejection medicines.

8. Frequent labs and tests to be drawn as well as doctor’s visits.

Though kidney transplantation serves as an excellent treatment for kidney diseases, it is still important to consider other important factors before undergoing to such a procedure. There are also other significant things to think about like choosing the kidney transplant center as well as the surgeon, the program longevity, comprising rate of survival, and most importantly the disadvantages. Though it may offer lots of health benefits and other advantages to the patient, kidney transplantation also offers risks and disadvantages that are well worth taking into account. Over the years, kidney transplantation is becoming more and more popular and it shows no sign of slowing. More and more patients are requiring this treatment. Therefore, it is essential for people to know and be aware of the different pros and cons of kidney transplant.


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