Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars


The popularity of hybrid cars is continuously increasing due to their ever-improving performance. Hybrid vehicle become more efficient and more eco-friendly by emitting low gas powered automobiles. Because of the advancements in technology, the performance of these cars continues to improve. Hybrid vehicles come with same but enhanced features just like their traditional counterparts do.

So before you decide what car to buy, take this advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars and then the decision is yours.

The 9 Pros of Hybrid Car

1. Clean energy
It conserves energy while having the power of a standard engine because of the electric motor together with a gas powered engine that make a vehicle has lower emissions and better gas mileage.

2. Improved Performance
With the aid of new technologies, hybrids allow the same kind of performance like normal cars.

3. Incentives Benefits
Wherever you may go, hybrids have tax benefit and savings money spent on fuel.

4. Regenerative braking
The battery recharged a little each time you brake, preventing the need to stop and recharge the battery.

5. Lower fuel dependence
Hybrid ultimately helps lessen the dependence on foreign oil, and do their part to lower prices domestically because they are much cleaner and require less fuel to run them.

6. Lighter weight
The car doen’t need to spend much energy to do the same task because hybrids are made using lighter materials.

7. Smaller engine
The engine does not have to work so hard and a hybrid uses far less fuel in the process. And, a smaller engine means a lighter one.

8. Eco-friendly
The reason why people want to have a hybrid is because of lesser damage it caused to the environment than the traditional automobile gas car. Hybrids emit less toxic emissions compared to the cars using gas.

9. Gas can go farther
Hybrids can get anywhere from 48-60 miles per gallon. Therefore you can save your money even the price of gas hike.

The 4 Cons of Hybrid Cars

Though hybrid cars provide better performance, it will still depend on how you drive it. For some reason a hybrid car might not be the right choice for you. Because they tend to perform quite a bit differently than you know in automobile cars.

1. Power output is lower
Hybrids are built for economy and not for speed. The total power output of the hybrid is often less than a comparable gas powered car. The gasoline engine is much smaller than other types of vehicles. Therefore, if you need more acceleration than what the conventional engine can provide, the electric motor assists in getting the car going.

2. Maintenance cost is higher
Hybrid cars used complex dual compulsion that make it high repairing cost and not all mechanics are trained or equipped to work on hybrid vehicles.

3. Parts are rare
It’s really true that many hybrids cars come with great warranties. But, if something goes wrong with the vehicle, parts may not be as readily available as ordinary car parts for traditional cars.

4. Lack of power
Unlike traditional cars, most hybrids cars feature two driving mode such as power mode and energy saver. Though power mode is designed to be used while on the expressway, it doesn’t have the same acceleration capabilities as a traditional car.

Now that you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid car, what do you think? Is a hybrid car is right for you?

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