Pros and Cons of Gallbladder Removal


Gallbladder removal is one of the most typical operations in the world today. About one hundred nineteen thousand men and women go through gallbladder removal every year. One of the common reasons why they do this is because of having gallstones which cause them complications or symptoms. Gallstones are frequently harmless and many people that have gallstones never notice it until they feel uncomfortable with it.

Why do many people want to know the possible procedures that can be used to treat gallstones? Should they undergo a gallbladder surgery?

The 6 Pros of Gallbladder Removal

Here are the primary advantages of gallbladder removal:

1. Eliminates gallstone symptoms
Gallstones that cause nausea and pain can be eliminated.

2. Solves any dietary issue
Anyone who wants to burn off fats, most especially obese persons go through gallbladder removal in order to correct their metabolism and appetite. Their eating appetite and metabolism can be normal again and it will prevent them from gaining weight.

3. Gallbladder removal surgery is safe
There is no need for anyone to get upset thinking that the procedure might fail. With advanced instruments and skills, a person that went through gallbladder removal is an outpatient on the same day and can recover from days to a week.

4. There are only small incision
Unlike any other surgeries, gallbladder removal only takes up small incisions in your abdomen instead of a big one. A tiny camera and small instruments are inserted into your abdomen.

5. The recovery process takes up only a week or two
Some surgical operations take up a month or two to fully heal incisions, but gallbladder removal incisions can heal by days or a week.

6. Weight loss advantage
Typically, women undergo gallbladder removal to prevent gaining weight and stomach fats.

The 4 Cons of Gallbladder Removal

Here are some drawbacks of gallbladder removal.

1. There is a possibility of short bowel movement
After a gallbladder removal surgery, a person might feel uncomfortable because of small bowel movement.

2. Risks associated with gallbladder removal
There some drawbacks in getting your gallbladder removed. Infection, problems associated with anesthesia or bleeding are just some possible problems that might arise during your gallbladder removal procedure.

3. Injury to bile duct
There is a possibility that during your gallbladder removal, the bile duct might be cut or injured. This can cause a person to suffer from a long term problem in relation to the intestines and eventually lead to permanent liver transplant.

4. It increases complications if the surgery will be taken longer
Gallstones must be removed completely out of the gallbladder and if these gallstones fall on the abdomen, longer procedure time will be done and it increases the complications.

How Do You Feel about Gallbladder Removal?

The science of gallbladder removal continues to rise as there are many people around the world suffering from gallstones and many women want to eliminate their stomach fats using this kind of procedure. Gallbladder removal has its own benefits and drawbacks as well.

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