Pros and Cons of Depo Provera

Pros and Cons of Depo Provera

Depo Provera is considered as a vaccine that is being injected after every three consecutive months. It basically contains a hormone that prevents pregnancy. Before turning to Depo Provera, it may be important to first weigh the advantages and disadvantages it has.



The Pros of Depo Provera

Here are the many benefits of Depo Provera:

1. This birth control is considered to be the most reliable and most effective means of contraception. One out of one-hundred women are getting pregnant while still on Depo-Provera. Once the directions are clearly followed, good results are expected. This is mostly ideal for those women who are forgetful in taking birth control pills every day.

2. This is an affordable and dependable method that can be trusted as a birth control. Actually, the price varies from thirty-five dollars to seventy-five dollars, based on Planned Parenthood. As for women, they only need to pay for one control shot every after three months instead of taking birth control pill once every month.

3. It does not likely have estrogen, a hormone which is mostly found on birth control pills.

4. Another good point with this birth control is that it further reduces the danger of acquiring uterine cancer. Uterine cancer is considered as the common gynecological cancer which affects most women.



The Cons of Depo Provera

Here are the issues associated with Depo Provera:

1. Irregular menstrual periods and irregular bleeding may be the most common disadvantages and side effects of Depo Provera. Even though many women may likely experience lighter and shorter periods, they may notice spotting. Others also tend to experience longer and heavier periods after undergoing a control shot. The majority of women have stopped their menstrual periods after a single year.

2. Other possible side effects associated with Depo-Provera are a sudden change both in appetite and sex drive, nausea, depression, weight gain, hair loss, headache, increased facial hair and body and even tender breasts. Many women experienced these changes.

3. If ever a women has become pregnant while on this birth control shot, then she is likely to have an ecoptic pregnancy. This is the most common disadvantage of becoming pregnant while still on IUD. As for ecoptic pregnancy, it may be considered fatal.

4. As for women who are using this method, they may likely experience or suffer from bone thinning. This will only stop as they stop the intake of Depo-Provera. Vitamin D and calcium intake is needed that help in the prevention of bone loss and maintenance of bones.

What Do You Think About Depo Provera?

When deciding on this method of birth control, it is always necessary to bear in mind that the thing that works for a person may not likely become successful for another person. It is strongly suggested to weigh out the disadvantages and advantages of Depo-Provera. They should be considered even before deciding on getting it.

Also, take the time to think more of its positive results than its disadvantages!

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