Pros and Cons of Cyber Bullying


In today’s world young people have access to the entire world through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. The benefits of this have been great, but with the good there has to be the bad. Cyber Bullying is defined as any form of repeated harassment to a person using electronic devices and the internet. It is a growing issue that youth are facing today. Studies have shown that one third of students have faced some form of cyber bullying in their life, that is a startling high amount. While it is hard to imagine any good coming from something so hurtful, could there be pros to go with the cons?

The Pros of Cyberbullying

1. Stand Up For Themselves
Cyber bullying often attacks personal traits of an individual, such as their weight, appearance, voice, or values. This can be extremely damaging to a developing child. Cyber bullies often choose this avenue because it can be done from the safety of their home, with no real confrontation. This works both ways, however. Children that are experiencing cyber bullying feel much more empowered to stand up for themselves, because they are also in the comfort of their home.

2. It’s In Writing
Social media, texts, and emails are all in writing, and once they are sent they cannot be taken back. This gives hard and undeniable proof that this bullying is occurring, as well as exactly who is involved. It can tremendously help parents and schools to identify who the problem students are and the proper actions to take.

3. From The Bullies Perspective
If you are the person who is doing the bullying online, you may feel very confident and courageous when bullying someone from behind a computer. This also often makes people develop an inflated ego and feel “cool”.

The Cons of Cyber Bullying

1. Spreads To Day To Day Life
Cyber bullying is very commonly just a side product of real life, face to face bullying that is occurring. This may make the victim feel scared and unsure in there normal days, especially at school or other social situations.

2. Risk of Depression And Suicide
An increasing number of young kids are falling into a depressive state, and sadly, committing suicide as a result from this cyber bullying. The abuse is so severe and inescapable that they feel it is their only way out. Young adults and kids are very susceptible to criticism and cruelty because they are still unsure of themselves.

3. Out Of Schools Hands
Because cyber bullying doesn’t occur in the school in a literal sense, many schools do not do anything about it. It is not because they don’t care, but the guildelines for discipline and boundaries of when their control stops is unclear when it comes to student’s online lives.

4. It Follows You
Traditional bullying, or face to face altercations, doesn’t follow the same rules that cyber bullying does. With traditional bullying the victim can go home and get away from it at some point, they have safety zones and times. However, when it comes to cyber bullying all bets are off. Cell phones and computers are always there, the attacks can happen at any time of the day or night and anywhere. This makes the victims feel completely helpless.

5. Larger Audience
Cyber bullying is very much public, and because it is published it has the ability to reach a very broad audience. Furthering the humiliation of the person being harassed.

Cyberbullying Trends