Pros and Cons of Animal Experimentation

Pros and Cons of Animal Experimentation

Scientists and various experts have been discovering things that can be used by humans with different health issues, and to prove whether their discoveries are effective for human use, they would usually make animal experimentations first. Most of these experts use mice, goats and other animals to test different discoveries they had and learn whether their experimentations can be used with humans. Though these are developed and designed for positive purposes, there are still certain arguments discussing about the pros and cons of animal experimentations.

Most of these animal experimentations are done in pharmaceuticals, universities and other private institutions where medicinal tests of particular discoveries are done and observe the effects of such tests to the animals.

Pros of Animal Experimentation

The purpose of animal experimentations is for positive uses and the following are the advantages of using such experimentations:

Finding out treatments and drugs that help in the improvement of one’s health.
There are many results already showing various medicinal breakthroughs with animal experimentation making it an advantageous procedure to try.

Helps in assuring that substances and medicines created are safe for living organisms.
Animals are chosen to be the living organisms where particular medicinal discoveries are tried. This is a way of ensuring whether the medicinal discoveries are safe to be used by any living organisms.

Most medical products and treatments that are used nowadays will not be used if not for animal experimentation.
There are many successful medical researches done that has prove the effectiveness of various medical products and treatments that are being used today and has helped many people in their diseases.

Cons of Animal Experimentations

There are many positive things that can be listed for animal experimentation. However, there are particular things that make these animal experimentation processes unfavorable for some animal rights advocates. These things are as follows:

Morality issues.
As how animal rights advocates are saying, animals have their right to live their lives normally. Most animals used during these experimentations are either euthanized after certain researches while others are spending their entire life living in captivity.

Validity of these experiments to animals.
Drugs that are tested in animals are seen to have no approval from humans and have not benefited humans directly. Since animals are not the same as humans, there are several cases wherein the validity of using animals are not accountable for the benefit of humans.

Should Animal Experimentation Be Supported?

Given that there are both pros and cons of the animal experimentation procedures, it is your decision whether you should be supporting this kind of experimentations or not. Yes, there are positive benefits that human can get since tests are not directly done to humans. But when it comes to the right of animals, there are particular things that you might consider thinking. Is it worth it that animals should be captured for their lifetime and euthanized for the benefit of humans? Would it be possible that this kind of experimentations be stopped or minimized to protect the lives of different animals used for various experiments?

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