Pros and Cons of Removing Tonsils


Getting your tonsils removed is a procedure called tonsillectomy, and is done for various reasons. The most common reason it is done is if a person is suffering form recurrent sore throats. The tonsils are located in the back of the throat, and are made up of a mass of lymphatic tissue. Their exact purpose isn’t known, but it is thought to have something to do with the immune system. They swell and get painful and can be a large nuisance. The most effective treatment for problems with the tonsils is to have them removed, but the full effect that this may have on the body is still largely unknown. There are other risks that may be involved as well.

The Pros of Removing Tonsils

Pain Relieve
The only real benefit of having your tonsils removed is the relief of pain that sore throats bring. The people who have their tonsils removed often suffer from more than 4 severe sore throats a year, which can affect daily life and nutrition. By removing the tonsils, the sore throats stop as well as the pain when eating and drinking. This may be enough of a pro for many people to choose to have this surgery.

Feel Generally Better
Due to the infection in the tonsils, caused by various bacteria, the body has to work extra hard in order to combat it. This causes the body to feel run down and fatigued, which is very unpleasant. Getting your tonsils removed solves this problem, and allows people to feel much better in their day to day lives.

Cons of Removing Tonsils

Persistent bleeding is a common complication of having a tonsillectomy. This can be very dangerous if too much blood is lost or the bleeding cannot be stopped.

Long Recovery
The recovery from having your tonsils removed is pretty lengthy, and can be quite painful as well. A very severe sore throat usually lasts for up to two weeks after the surgery. Dental injuries may also result form this surgeries, as well as ear aches.

Should You Choose To Get Your Tonsils Removed?

If you suffer from problems with your throat you know how aggravating it can be. Speaking to your doctor about all of the risks of this surgery and the benefits that you may get, will help you to gain a better understanding of whether or not it is the right choice for you.