Pros and Cons of Birthing at Home


When you are getting prepared to bring your bundle of joy into the world, there are many different things to consider. The top priority on your baby to-do list above decorating the nursery and buying baby essentials, should be deciding where to give birth. One choice that women have available is to give birth in the comfort of their own home.

Home birthing is more popular than you might expect and accounts for nearly 16,000 births each year. Giving birth in a hospital doesn’t have to be your only option. However, before you decide if home birthing is ideal for you and your baby, it might be a good idea to learn about the pros and cons.

List of Pros of Home Birthing

1. Freedom
One of the biggest benefits of home birthing is the freedom that comes with being in an environment that you are comfortable with. It can help to calm nerves and relieve stresses. Women that give birth at home can create an atmosphere that is most soothing to them. This might be by lighting candles or opting for a water birth. No matter what your preferences are, women that choose the option of home birthing have a bit more freedom.

2. Little Invention
This is the best birthing option for women that want a natural birth. Home birthing involves as little intervention as possible. This means that electronic fetal monitoring, medications or even breaking your water are not a part of the delivery process during a home birth. Medical intervention is not initiated unless there is no other option available, which means that C-sections are incredibly rare during home births.

List of Cons of Home Birthing

While there are many benefits of giving birth at home, there are a few negatives you should consider.

1. Complications Can Impact Health of Baby
If an emergency situation does arise during a home birth, a midwife is not always prepared or confident in giving the correct treatment. This means that you have to be careful with the midwife team that you choose for your home birth and look for experience.

2. Home Births are Not Always Covered By Insurance
It is possible that you will have to pay for home birthing expenses on your own without the help of your insurance. Many insurance policies do not cover home births, which could make this option more expensive for you.

Home Birthing Used to be the Norm

Home birthing might seem like less popular choice in today’s society, but at one time home births were the norm. For centuries, women gave birth to children in their own homes and did not go to hospitals. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that giving birth in a hospital became more widely accepted.

Why Are Home Births Making a Comeback?

Home births are becoming a popular option for many women due to the advancements of modern medicine and a better understand of anatomy. Home births are an extremely safe alternative to giving birth in a hospital and are viewed by many to be much more natural. Giving birth in home doesn’t mean that you are on your own or left to give birth without an expert medical professional.

What is a Midwife and What Role do they Play During Home Births?

A midwife is a trained medical professional with certification. For those women that have low-risk and healthy pregnancies, midwives can make home births possible and look after both the mother and baby during the delivery process.

A midwife will bring with them on the day of delivery oxygen, IV’s, sterile gloves, gauze pads, an ultrasonic stethoscope, medications, homeopathic remedies for massage and items for suturing tears. This means that midwives come with all the equipment that is needed to make the delivery process go smoothly.

Who Are Home Births Ideal for?

Home births are not the ideal option for all expectant mothers. They are only a viable choice if you have a low-risk pregnancy and do not want to have a cesarean section. It is the best choice if you want the birthing process to be shared with loved ones and if you want to feel comfortable and free during the delivery process. Many women that choose a home birth want the ability to move around their home, shower and change positions during the birthing process.

Is a Home Birth Right for Everyone?

Even though home births are widely considered to be safe, they are not the ideal option for all women that are giving birth. Diabetics or women with high blood pressure are urged to give birth in a hospital. This is also true if you have a high-risk pregnancy or have experienced preterm labor at one time in the past.