Personality Traits of Left Handed People

Personality Traits of Left Handed People

Left handed people have always prompted interest. There have been many superstitions associated with south paws but more amazing is that there is science that proves that lefties are actually using their brain a bit differently so they do have some personality traits that are predominant.

Left handed people are typically more creative that right handed people. Now that may be because it is after all a right handed world where every gadget and tool is made for right handed people so perhaps if you are left handed creativity is less of a trait and more of a necessity. Being adaptable may be something that lefties have had to develop to live peacefully in a right handed world.

Being left handed is actually a symptom a slightly different brain anatomy.

Abstract Thinkers

Left handed people are well known for being able to look at situations from a deductive reasoning position while they are historically considered the dreamers they actually share very logical thinking patterns. They are less irrational than right handed people and can easily divest themselves from the equation when they are trying to solve a problem.

Yes abstract thinking helps with the creativity but it also helps to solve problems that seemingly do not have an answer. Left handed people share the ability to pave a new path thanks to their abstract thinking. This ability makes lefties great leaders. Their independent abstract thinking spills over into their personality and helps them to be perceived as great leaders.

Research has shown that left handed people are more likely to practice inductive logic when problem solving. This research has also identified that the two top fields for left handed people were technology and the arts. Oddly enough both require the ability to think outside the box yet to be able to use logic because both are heavy in technical expertise.


Left handed people are less likely to follow trends. They are typically the creator of trends. They have rebellious personalities which is not necessarily a negative. The rebellious personality type can be channeled into a positive role and be used to affect necessary change.

Higher Intelligence

Lefties score better on IQ tests that right handed people do under the same conditions.

Socially Powerful

Most lefties are extroverts. They are easy to get along with and are usually socially active. They are energetic personality types that can be impulsive and come across as being free spirited.