Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons

Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons

Nuclear energy refers to the energy that can be found in an atomic nucleus. It can be released in an instant through radioactive decay. Sometimes it is also known as nuclear technology or nuclear power. It is a good generator of electricity. Several countries are already using it nowadays as their main source of power or electricity. And some of the nations that are aware of its great purposes are also using it as a powerful weapon. Nuclear energy is a dangerous weapon that can create a huge explosion to kill hundreds or even thousands of people in an instant.

Nuclear energy has so many purposes that can give a lot of benefits to human beings. Hopefully, people will not use it to control the other individuals in this world that are aiming for global peace. In this article, the pros and cons of nuclear energy will be discussed to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of its existence.

Nuclear Energy Pros

Nuclear energy is useful if people will use it in a good way. Here are the pros of such energy:

  • Nuclear energy helps to lessen the pollution in earth. The continual use of this energy as a replacement for fossil fuels can help people in protecting the ozone layer. It is because this kind of energy can be easily burned unlike fossil fuels.
  • This energy is a reliable source power that can be converted into electricity. It’s totally different from other sources of energy such as fossil fuels when it comes to reliability. Its supply is unlimited even in the middle of disasters.
  • Nuclear energy is good for the health of people. It is a safe source of energy compared to the process of burning a coal which is harmful to the respiratory system of humans.

Nuclear Energy Cons

This kind of energy has so many benefits to offer to humans. However, it can be harmful also because of its dangerous Cons which are the following:

  • This kind of energy can be used by people as a powerful weapon to kill many individuals in an instant.
  • Other nations may exploit its purposes in dominating the other nations due its capability to make a huge explosion. It’s a very dangerous weapon that can cause fear in the eyes of many people.
  • It can cause meltdown in the different parts of the globe which is very dangerous to the people who are relying on it as a good source of power.
  • Nuclear energy produces radiation that can also kill many people through several kinds of diseases. Radiation is unnoticeable and people should wear the appropriate protective attire for it in the locations where it is present like nuclear plants.
  • Nuclear wastes are also harmful to the environment because of its radiation. If proper disposal was not applied on it, there’s a possibility that people will suffer from several kinds of diseases that can kill them also and the environment will slowly lose its beautiful nature and significant resources for human beings because of the radioactive characteristics of nuclear wastes.

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