Non-Dilutive Funding for Early-Stage Life Sciences Companies and Beyond


The funding of early stage life sciences companies is crucial to advances in healthcare and keeping non-profit organizations alive. Many non-profits run out of funding and have to be shut down. The Heart Waves organization was an example of this. The organization was created to spread awareness on heart defects in children and infants. The website had gained some ground and even had been written up in major news sites like CNN. However, the funding ran out and the organization and the site had to be shut down.

Fortunately, an angel donor stood up and had his team relaunch the website so that the online awareness campaign would continue on. This has allowed much of the hard work of the previous years to not be totally lost. The website is no filled with videos explaining the details of congenital heart defects in children. It also has a nice series of documentaries on families that are trying to overcome the battle and surgeries.