Mucocele Home Remedy Removal & Treatment

Mucocele Home Remedy Removal & Treatment


Is There an Effective Mucocele Home Remedy Available?

Have you ever noticed a large bump on the inside of your lip? Different than a canker sore that can have a white head to it and eat away at some of the tissues of your mouth, a mucocele is actually a painless, harmless cyst. It often fills with mucus, given the mucocele its name, but it can be filled with other fluids at times as well. Many of these painless cysts will go away on their own, but sometimes they can grow large and bothersome, requiring treatment.

Treatments for Mucocele

Do you need an effective mucocele home treatment today? Here are some remedies that have been found to be effective in treating these painless cysts:

Officially Alum is hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate, but that’s a mouthful to say. That’s why it’s just Alum! You can often find it in the spice aisles of your local grocery store as McCormick creates it for resale. In cooking, Alum is used as a firming agent for foods, much like someone might traditionally use cornstarch or flour for a gravy.

It works by doing two things to the mucocele:
1. It helps the cyst to grow faster, thus causing it to burst more quickly;
2. It helps to prevent infection within your mouth. Apply the Alum to the cyst for about 15 minutes, then rinse and use a good mouthwash.

Warm Salt Rinse
Some people may not have access to Alum, but that’s ok. The traditional healing method of a canker sore is also an effective mucocele home remedy that works! Using warm water, add a minimum of a teaspoon of salt to the water, mix until dissolved, and then rinse your mouth with the salt water for about 30 seconds. Do this at least twice per day, if not more, to see the best results from this home remedy.

Primrose oil
If you have access to Primrose oil, it has been shown to have similar effects to the treatment of a mucocele as Alum has shown. And, like Alum, it can help reduce the chances of an infection occurring should the mucocele burst during the treatment period. One of the easiest ways to get Primrose oil is to get the capsules that can be found in your local vitamin and supplement aisle. Simply take the capsule apart, then spread the liquid on the mucocele.

Castor Oil and Honey
It isn’t always easy to find castor oil because it is derived from the same plant where the toxin Ricin is made. If you can locate it, however, mix a little castor oil with honey for an effective mucocele home remedy. The combination will help to fight any bacteria around the area when applied several times per day.

If you find that these mucocele home remedies are not helping a bothersome mucocele heal, as with many other topical cysts, you may need to visit your local medical professional to have it aspirated. If you have questions about a lump in your mouth that won’t go away, is bothersome, or goes away and then comes back, you may also wish to ask your doctor about whether or not your issue could be a mucocele.