Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Life Expectancy


Mixed connective tissue disease is a serious condition. Because of this fact, one of the most common questions associated with this disease concerns the life expectancy aspect. However, this is only one aspect of the disease that demands serious research. There are a great many parts that make up a strong understanding of mixed connective tissue disease.

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease And Life Expectancy

Mixed connective tissue disease is a complex disease. Understanding even the basics of the condition will make it easier for an individual who is curious about MCTD to grasp the life expectancy side of things:

1. It is first important to realize that connective tissues make up the framework of the human body.

2. Although connective tissues do a lot, their primary responsibility is to keep the cells in your body together.

3. Your connective tissues are made up of the structural molecules known as collagen and elastin.

4. Connective tissue disease will involve abnormalities concerning your collagen and elastin.

5. There are a number of connective tissue diseases that can impact a person. This leads to the mixed connective tissue disease diagnosis.

6. Some connective tissue diseases are genetic in origin, but there are a number of connective tissue diseases that are not genetic in origin.

7. Genetic connective tissue diseases include Marfan syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

8. Non-genetic connective tissue diseases can occur due to an over-abundance of stimulation in your immune system.

9. There are no known environmental triggers for mixed connective tissue disease.

10. Because this condition refers to various diseases overlapping each other, a generalized list of symptoms is difficult to create. Muscle weakness, chest pains with each breath, kidney diseases, and arthritis in the joints are all possibilities that can be found in someone who is suffering from mixed connective tissue disease.

11. Due to the overlapping nature of the disease mentioned above, there is really no such thing as a method of treatment that can be universally applied to every single person suffering from mixed connective tissue disease. The treatments will depend on which connective tissue diseases are overlapping.

As you may have noticed, the overlapping component to this disease makes understanding it very difficult.

While it is impossible to prevent mixed connective tissue disease, utilizing the treatments recommended for an individual can have an understandably strong impact on their life expectancy. The life expectancy of someone who has multiple connective tissue disease is going to depend on which connective tissue diseases they have and which forms of treatment they seek.

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