Liver Cirrhosis ICD 9 Code


Billable Medical Code for Cirrhosis of Liver Without Mention of Alcohol

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 571.5

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 571.5.

The Short Description Is: Cirrhosis of liver NOS.

Known As

Liver cirrhosis is also known as acquired portal-systemic shunt due to cirrhosis, advanced cirrhosis, bacterial portal cirrhosis, capsular portal cirrhosis, cardiac cirrhosis, cardiac portal cirrhosis, cardituberculous cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis C with stage 3 fibrosis, chronic hepatitis c stage 3 fibrosis, cirrhosis – non-alcoholic, cirrhosis and chronic liver disease, cirrhosis due to hepatitis B, cirrhosis due to hepatitis C, cirrhosis of liver, cirrhosis of liver due to hepatits B, cirrhosis of liver due to Hepatits C, cirrhosis of liver not due to alcohol, cirrhosis secondary to cholestasis, cirrhosis cryptogenic, cirrhosis hepatitis B, cirrhosis hepatitis C, cirrhosis nonalcoholic, cirrhosis posthepatitic, cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome, cryptogenic cirrhosis, diffuse nodular cirrhosis, drug induced liver cirrhosis, drug-induced cirrhosis of liver, early cirrhosis, esophageal varices in cirrhosis of the liver, fatty portal cirrhosis, focal nodular hyperplasia of liver, glissonian cirrhosis, hepatic cirrhosis drug induced, hepatic fibrosis, hepatic fibrosis w hepatic sclerosis, hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis, hypoxia-associated cirrhosis, indian childhood cirrhosis, infectious cirrhosis, intrahepatic phlebosclerosis and fibrosis, juvenile portal cirrhosis, laennec’s cirrhosis, non-alcoholic, latent cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, macronodular cirrhosis, micronodular cirrhosis, mixed micro AND macronodular cirrhosis, multilobular portal cirrhosis, nonalcoholic cirrhosis, nutritional cirrhosis,
parasitic cirrhosis, pericellular fibrosis of congenital syphilis, pigmentary portal cirrhosis, pipestem portal cirrhosis, portal cirrhosis, posthepatitic cirrhosis, postnecrotic cirrhosis, septal fibrosis of liver, toxic cirrhosis, toxic liver disease w cirrhosis, w fibrosis, toxic liver disease with cirrhosis, with fibrosis, toxic liver disease with fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver, toxic portal cirrhosis, and unilobular portal cirrhosis. This applies to cirrhosis of liver: NOS, cryptogenic, macronodular, micronodular, posthepatitic, postnecrotic, healed yellow atrophy (liver), and portal cirrhosis.

Liver Cirrhosis Definition and Symptoms

Liver cirrhosis is a degenerative disease where hepatic tissue is slowly replaced with connective tissue. This is most commonly a result of chronic alcoholism but can also be caused by hepatitis C, iron buildup in the body, and hardening of the bile ducts. Symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, nausea, jaundice, easy bruising and bleeding, swelling in the legs, loss of appetite and itchy skin.