List of 14 Most Common Medical Procedures

List of 14 Most Common Medical Procedures

Most Common Medical Procedures

Most Common Medical And Cosmetic Procedures

Millions of people undergo different medical procedures each year. Some of these procedures are to see if anything is wrong with their health, while others are to correct something that may have been harming their anatomy for some time. There’re literally hundreds of different surgeries and procedures, however most people don’t know the most common ones that people generally have in the United States of America.

CT Scans

The most common medical procedures are Ct scans, and your average physical exam. Studies have shown that over sixty-two million people get Ct scans, while just under sixty-five million people get a regular physical exam. Ct scans however are quite expensive when compared to physical exams. The price range usually varies between three hundred dollars to almost five thousand dollars making it extremely pricier than a physical exam.


As you know people may have natural births, or C-sections. Well over one million people have these procedures that can cost nearly seven thousand dollars for each procedure. But the advantage to this operation is the short duration that takes to complete this common procedure. It takes a minimum of half an hour to complete it, and at maximum it takes about one hour.


Circumcisions are probably the most despised operation from boys and grown men. Of course everyone knows that the procedure impacts the most precious area on the man but it also takes at least six weeks to recover after the painful procedure. Nearly two million people yearly have this procedure done to them which only takes about thirty minutes of their time to complete. The cost isn’t really that much expensive either when compared to the other operations listed. It can cost anywhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to just under three thousand dollars.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are also becoming more common especially with aging groups of women that crave to hold on to their fleeing youth. There were over two hundred thousand liposuctions the previous year with most of them costing just fewer than three thousand dollars. However, the recovery time from this painful operation is usually two to three weeks.

Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are also one of the most common cosmetic procedures to get done. In the year 2010 over one hundred and fifteen thousand people acquired the surgery that cost just about an even five thousand dollars for each operation. You’ll have three weeks recovery after the four hour surgery deletes your unwanted stomach fat.

Breast Augmentation

Probably the most common cosmetic procedure out of the two that was previously listed is the breast augmentation. In the year 2010 nearly three hundred thousand procedures were done to various customers to enhance or decrease the woman’s breast size. The average cost is just over three thousand dollars in which you will need two months just to recover from the surgery.