Incarcerated Umbilical Hernia ICD 9 Code


Billable Medical Code for Umbilical Hernia With Obstruction

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 552.1

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 552.1.

The Short Description Is: Umbilical hernia w obstr.

Known As

Incarcerated umbilical hernia is also known as incarcerated obstructed umbilical hernia, incarcerated umbilical hernia, irreducible umbilical hernia, irreducible umbilical hernia w obstruction, irreducible umbilical hernia with obstruction, obstructed umbilical hernia, and umbilical hernia w obstruction. This applies to parumbilical hernia specified as incarcerated, irreducible, strangulated, or causing obstruction.

Incarcerated Umbilical Hernia Definition and Symptoms

An incarcerated umbilical hernia is a complication that can occur when protruding abdominal tissue becomes trapped (incarcerated) and cannot be pushed back into the abdominal cavity. This causes reduced blood flow to that section of trapped intestine. This can cause pain, tissue damage, gangrene, and other infections. Symptoms include if the baby is in obvious pain, baby is vomiting, the bulge is tender, swollen, or discolored.