Hysterectomy Pros and Cons


Hysterectomy is one of the risky surgeries where in a certain part or the entire part of your uterus will be removed. The fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix are the common parts of female reproductive system that are also removed in this kind of surgery. This is very popular in the several countries like United States due to the advantages that it provides to women. If you are interested to undergo from this surgery, you must know first the benefits and issues that it may bring. This way, you can easily decide if you will pursue to undergo this surgical operation or not.

It is a serious surgery that’s why you must think of it hundreds of times to avoid disappointments and regrets in the end. Also, you can have the assurance that you didn’t waste your money for nothing in this way.

The 4 Pros of Hysterectomy

1. Piece of Mind
When you undergo from this surgery, you will surely have peace of mind because you will never get pregnant. That’s why you will no longer have worry of getting pregnant after having sexual intercourse with your partner.

2. Fights Several Types of Cancer
It can really help you avoid acquiring cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Undergoing this surgery is the best solution to avoid such deadly diseases.

3. Save Women Lives for Long Years
It can also assist you avoid undergoing several medical treatments for uterine fibroids, and for a continuous heavy period. It can also secure you from free radicals. That’s why you can have the assurance that you can live for longer years.

4. Enhance Sex Performance
As you get the assurance that you will never get pregnant, you can have the freedom to improve your sexual performance with your partner.

The 4 Cons of Hysterectomy

1. Losing the Ability to Give Life
As it will remove the most significant part of the body that allows a woman to get pregnant, you will never have a baby even though you perform sexual intercourse with your partner for several times.

2. Difficulty in Reaching the Highest Level of Orgasm
You will have difficulties in reaching the highest level of orgasm. Even though you undergo hormonal treatments, without the uterus still, you cannot reach orgasm.

3. Urinary Incontinence
After the surgery, you will experience urinary incontinence that usually happens when the nerves that has a connection in the bladder is having problems while the process of hysterectomy is being performed.

4. Estrogen Replacement Therapy
You will be required to undergo ERT or estrogen replacement therapy to avoid health issues like heart disease and osteoporosis. When you didn’t not undergo from this therapy, you will experience menopause even though you are still young.

How Do You Feel About Hysterectomy?

Despite the advantages that it provides to women, it can also contribute to the development of serious health issues that usually need a continuous therapy to avoid complications. To avoid those illnesses, it will be better for you not to undergo this surgery. However, the decision will still depend on you.

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