How to Prevent Bunions from Getting Worse


Guide to Bunions

Bunions: What They Are and What To Do About Them

Bunions can be one of the most painful things that you will ever deal with. In case you aren’t aware of exactly what it is, it is a bony formation within the joint at the base of your big toe. Approximately 4 million people report having bunions each and every year – and nine out of 10 bunions affect women. The leading cause is tight shoes, such as high heels.

This is not to say that every woman who wears high heels will develop a bunion. There are various other causes as well. This includes genetics, flatfoot, arthritic conditions, and age. Bunions are most commonly seen in seniors, though there is no true age limit as to who can get them and who cannot.

How to Tell if You Have a Bunion

This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself because you will want to seek medical assistance. Symptoms can include red or callused skin around the edge of the big toe, pain around the joint of the big toe, a bony protrusion, or an abnormal angle on your big toe.

Now that you know what a bunion is, it’s important to know how to prevent them. You will want to perform foot exercises on a regular basis in order to strengthen your feet. You should also wear shoes that fit appropriately. If you can find a broad toed shoe with a soft sole, that is going to be the best. Anything that crowds your toes can cause you discomfort and lead to bunions. You’ll want to try and avoid high heels as well as other pointed shoes.

Treating Bunions

The good news is that there is treatment for bunions. Just because you have a bunion now doesn’t mean that you will have a bunion for life. You can ice the affected area a few times a day and use cushion pads in order to protect the area. You should also consult your podiatrist because foot surgery may be required. The surgery will essentially remove all of the swollen tissue as well as straight in your big toe into correct alignment once again.

Preventing Bunions

You probably never thought much about the shoes that you selecting your closet simply because they go with your outfits. Male or female, you are subject to a bunion. While men may not wear high heels, they do often where boots, who can lead to bunions as well, pointed.

You can save yourself a lot of pain and suffering by going through your closet and looking to see whether you have comfortable shoes or not. If they don’t fit the shape of your foot, you may want to get rid of them. Even if you haven’t dealt with a bunion in the past, you want to prevent developing one simply because they can be extremely painful. It is possible to save yourself a significant amount of pain simply by exploring better footwear.