How to Confront Cheating Spouse


How to confront cheating spouse is a subject that needs the scope of a dissertation or thesis. It is beyond the scope of an article, regardless of how long or short it is. There are far too many possibilities and variables that have to be factored in to determine exactly how to confront cheating spouse. One can only make assumptions or presumptions and then provide some recommendation in a generic manner. Thus, what exactly one should do would have to be assessed specifically after factoring in all the actual nitty-gritty.

Finding a Good Approach

There are some standard approaches of confronting a cheating spouse. First, the don’ts must be mentioned and should be made lucid. One should never confront a cheating spouse in front of someone else. That someone else or others include everyone in the world. No family, friends, relatives, therapists or kids should be present when the confrontation happens. The confrontation should never be preheated. There will obviously be many speculations, some of which would be true and some of which could be false, and there will always be a certain preference and natural reaction of the spouse who has been cheated on. Despite all those compulsions, one needs to be conscious of everything said and done, how everything is said and done. From the body language to the tone of voice, everything should be at least indicative that one intends to hear the other person out. Knowing everything and hearing them from the cheating spouse is necessary for closure or for any further step that is deemed desirable or the only option.

Now, to shed some light on how one should actually confront, there should not be any buildup. There doesn’t have to be a buildup to a conversation. Scheming or planning doesn’t work in such circumstances. All that works is complete honesty, no matter how hurtful or unpleasant it may be. Both the partners need to come clean, entirely. Everything that must be said should be said.

Ask Questions

Asking straight questions is always the best way to start. Ideally, the spouse being cheated upon should be frank about the disclosure of how he or she got to know of the other person’s infidelity. It doesn’t matter how a person has come to know or if the person has come to know, what matters is the fact that the person has been cheated by his or her spouse and it is the cheating spouse who should do rest of the talking, explaining things as it were and then expressing what they have done, is doing and would do.