Home Remedies For Longer Eyelashes

Home Remedies For Longer Eyelashes

Longer eyelashes is something that women and some men want but simply do not have. While you can purchase eyelash extensions, there is an immense upkeep involved and many people simply would rather have a natural look instead of using something that is synthetic.


Home remedies for longer eyelashes will make your eyelashes pop from the moment that you enter the room so that you look great at all times. When you want your eyes to be the center of attention, follow these tips below.

Green Tea
Do you drink green tea? If so, you may be surprised to find that you can apply green tea to your eyelashes and it will promote growth. What you need to do is the following:

1. Brew hot tea
2. Place just a dab of hot tea on a cotton ball before adding any additives such as sugar
3. Dab the tea onto your eyelashes ensuring that it is absorbed into the skin

Make sure that your eye are held closed tightly so that none of the tea enters into your eye.

This should be done every day and will lead to eyelash growth in just a few weeks.

Natural Oils
From olive oil to castor oil, you can create a mix of potent oils that have been shown to moisturize the skin and hair, promote healthy hair and actually promote the growth of hair. The following mixture can be made so that you can start to grow longer eyelashes in no time.

1. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a cup.
2. Add a teaspoon of castor oil to a cup.
3. Mix the oils together.
4. Apply the oils to your eyelashes and ensure that your eyes are closed.

Castor oil is the real growth enhancer with oil and has been used for centuries as a way to promote hair growth. While this may not work for everyone, the vast majority of people that have used natural oils for hair growth have seen results.

You will want to apply this mixture two times per day and continue to do so for weeks or until your desired results are seen. In fact, you can continue to use your mixture indefinitely and you can even use it on your hair to promote healthier, longer hair follicles.

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly may not feel pleasant on your skin, but it has shown to promote hair growth and is an easy method of making your eyelashes even longer. You will want to adhere to the following:

1. Wipe off all of the mascara and makeup you may have on your eyes.
2. Clean the area and make sure that it is dry.
3. Apply the jelly to your eyelashes and upper eyelid being cautious of not getting any into your actual eye.

Now, go to sleep and rinse off the jelly in the morning. This method should be done 3 times per week to see optimal results.

Brush Your Lashes
There is a reason that beauty parlors tell you that you should brush your hair daily. When you brush your hair, you are not only untangling knots and making yourself look pretty, but you are also helping to distribute the natural oils found in your hair evenly along the entirety of your strands.

Natural oils will keep your hair moisturized and promote hair growth. The same brushing can be done on your eyelashes and will provide a boost in overall eyelash length.

You will want to use a mascara brush without the mascara to do your eyelash brushing. Twice per day is more than enough for this method to be beneficial.

Trim, Trim, Trim
Just like the hair on your head, trimming your eyelashes can actually make them grow. This occurs because trimming actually stimulates follicle growth. While you certainly do not want to trim much off of scant eyelashes, you can trim the tips once per month or every 3 weeks and reap the benefits.

This will provide minimal results, but every little bit counts when your eyelashes simply are not long or thick enough.

Maintaining a Proper Diet
Sodas and fast food are not only bad for your health, but they are bad for your overall hair health as well. A proper diet will stimulate hair growth naturally and ensure that your body produces enough natural oils that your body’s hair is moisturized, beautiful and thick.

A few items that you may want to consider eating to boost your eyelash length are:

While great for your hair, these products are also great for your body. All too often people find that their hair growth is stunted because their body is lacking the vitamins and nutrients it needs to promote healthy, sustained hair growth.

These home remedies for longer eyelashes can all be used together to see the best results.

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