Home Remedies for Ants in Kitchen


Ants are lovely creatures and they are very important in the eco system as well. They have their own “small” way of taking their role as a part of the food-chain. However, if they infest your home especially your kitchen, the thing is to send them away because that is not just right. Since they came from the outside, the risk of letting them inside your home could be dangerous. Why? It’s because they might bring bacteria inside that may possibly cause diseases among the members of your family. Though it is harsh to send them away or kill them, there’s no other possible way but to do that.

Why Not To Use Pesticides

There are several ways to send them away and one of these is the use of insecticides in a form of a spray. Why is it that there are a lot of people who rather look for home remedies for ants in kitchen rather than choosing to utilize insecticides that can be bought in the market today? Well… that is a very good question. The reason why there are people who don’t want to go for insecticides because these materials could possibly contain harmful ingredients that could also kill the pets. Besides, these could mess up with the Mother Nature and it could affect the health of entire family including the children.

So, instead of utilizing pesticides, why not try these remedies or easy to make DIY steps that you can get here to get rid of crawling insects such as ants. Here is the first remedy: Simply observe cleanliness and enforce proper sanitation. Might as well, dispose the trash at the right place and always clean your mess. If this doesn’t work, go to the next procedure.

Remedies To Eliminate Ants

1. Get an empty spray canister, fill it with water and put some drops of peppermint oil. After preparing the mixture, scout the surroundings and begin the hunt. Spray the mixture to the ant traffic and that’s it. This is a very effective home remedy to oust the ants that are causing you a throbbing headache.

2. The next in line is to use bait, and that is in a form of a cream of wheat. Sprinkle it on the area infested by ants and the tendency is that they will bring it back to their colony, after ingesting the cream; it will actually expand leaving all the ants that will swallow it dead. Why? Because they will explode!

3. Another effective and easy to prepare remedy is the mint jelly combined with boric acid. Buy a boric acid in the hardware, mix 2 tablespoon of the acid and 8oz of mint jelly. Place the mixture in an empty squeeze bottle. Apply the bait in the area where there is a lot of ant traffic. They will get the bait, bring it back to the colony and they will all die including those ants that you can’t even see.

4. If you are lucky enough for doing reconnaissance and you locate their base. You can use a weapon of mass destruction. Actually, you can make a home remedy nuclear warfare to kill them all in one blow. Just add ½ cup of detergent in 3 or more gallons of boiling water and pour it all over their base.

So what are you waiting for? Try these home remedies today and rest assured that your problem will be solved in no time.

Remedies for Ants in Kitchen