Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Good Bacteria

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Good Bacteria

Applying hand sanitizers is an advantage to many people. In a way, hands are the most exposed part of the body to germs. So, it is just right and beneficial to use hand sanitizers. Seeing that almost everyone is bringing their own hand sanitizers anywhere they went, one can assume that they are now safe from germs. But how would you react if you are told that by applying hand sanitizers, you just exposed yourself to more illness?

A study showed that using this product is beneficial to one’s health. Yet, there is a downside to it. Does hand sanitizer kills good bacteria? That is where this downside is related to. Constant usage of the product can kill germs. But, it does not mean that only disease-infecting germs are killed. Instead, it kills both, which is a disadvantage to users and their health.

The Reason Behind it

It became a practice for most to bring hand sanitizers everywhere and squirt some when you think that your hands already feel dirty and filled with germs. And once done, you will feel clean again. The assurance that these products are stated to kill 99.9% is enough reason for you to believe that you will be cleaned of those germs after applying. It is the truth as well. However, these products are not created for constant use, only when you have no access to soap and clean water. So, it is beneficial to apply some when in this circumstance.

But, thinking of eliminating germs off your hand, usage of the product became a constant one. It is a wrong practice that people adapted. In this 99.9% killing capability of the product, even the good ones are eliminated. A good example of good germs that get killed in using hand sanitizers is bacteria. Yes, there may be some that make people sick, but there are good germs with a role of protecting the immune system.

What This Can Lead To

The absence of good bacteria on the skin can lead to excessive inflammation if the skin sustained an injury. Eliminating all bacteria from your hands means stripping yourself with the body’s natural defenses as well. Yes, germs still need to be killed. However, it should not be done through applying hand sanitizer all the time as even the good ones will be killed.

So, if you want to kill the bad germs and save the good ones, you will need to lessen the usage of hand sanitizers. You can still use it, but only when you are left with no other option. Instead of using such products, make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and water. You can even make a solution of this, so you have something to use anywhere and anytime you feel you need to. Just keep a spray bottle containing water and soap solution in your bag or car along with wash cloths. With this, you are able to clean your hands with just a simple spray of the solution and dry them with the wash cloths.

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