Glob Blood Test Results Fully Explained

Glob Blood Test Results Fully Explained

The Glob blood test is typically ordered as part of a comprehensive medical panel. It is used to determine the ratio of albumin to globulin that is in a person’s blood. When albumin levels are low compared to globulin rates, then this can indicate that there may be a disease developing or spreading internally. Most abnormal results are detected when an individual goes in for their annual checkup with their local medical provider.

The Glob blood test may also be ordered if someone has experienced a sudden and rapid weight loss without explanation. It may also be ordered in conjunction with other tests that are used to diagnose or measure liver, kidney, or bone marrow disordered or diseases. In certain individuals with edema, or the pooling of fluids in tissues in an abnormal way, this test can help to investigate the issue.

What Do My Glob Blood Test Results Mean?

Most medical providers are going to take the results of the Glob blood test and compare them to the other tests of the comprehensive medical panel. In general terms, however, abnormal test results may indicate one of several possibilities that must be evaluated based on signs, symptoms, and an individual’s overall medical history.

Low test results of protein levels will typically suggest that there is a kidney or liver disorder that is occurring. There may also be some sort of disorder that is affecting the digestive process which is not absorbing the proteins properly. People who have celiac disease, inflammatory bowel conditions, or are suffering from a severe level of malnutrition will all have similar test results in this area.

High total protein levels from the Glob blood test indicate that an individual is suffering from chronic inflammation in some way. This may be an ongoing viral infection, such as hepatitis or HIV, or be caused by a bone marrow disorder, such as multiple myeloma.

High globulin levels which create a low albumin to globulin ratio can also indicate the presence of an autoimmune disease. Those who have liver cirrhosis because of alcohol abuse, injury, or disease will also have less albumin available and therefore have an abnormal ratio.

Here’s What You Need to Know

It is possible that a medical provider can create a false positive through the blood draw collection method. When a tourniquet is applied during the blood draw for a prolonged period of time, then the protein levels in the blood draw will be elevated because of the constriction. This creates a test result that is falsely high compared to the actual concentrations that exist within the bloodstream at that point in time.

Certain medications are also known to decrease the levels of protein that may be in the blood. Women are mostly affected by this outcome as oral contraceptives and estrogen therapies will commonly reduce albumin levels.

Eating a high protein diet will not affect your albumin results on the Glob blood test. Not eating a well-balanced diet, however, may cause the body to operate with non-optimal protein levels and malnutrition that is not addressed may eventually affect the albumin to globulin ratio that is detected.

Certain globulin proteins can also be measured on their own to determine if there is a specific disease present. This includes ferritin, which measures iron deficiencies; CRP, which measures inflammation levels; and fibrinogen, which measures clotting disorders.

Protein samples can also be obtained outside of a blood test. Different body fluids all carry globulins that can be measured within a laboratory environment. A medical provider may recommend a full series of fluid tests if there is an abnormal Glob blood test to help discover a specific diagnosis.

The most common reason for total protein levels to increase, however, is because the body is dehydrated. This is becoming a much more common condition because of the availability of high level caffeine products. Stimulants often act as a diuretic and this pushes fluids out of the body more than normal. Without proper fluid replacement, protein levels can spike or shift and potentially cause bothersome signs and symptoms.

The Glob blood test is designed to be a regular measurement of a person’s overall health. It is commonly ordered to determine health status. There is no test preparation needed for the blood draw, but there may be specific instructions which may need to be followed. Be sure to discuss what any personal results may mean in regards to an individualized medical history to understand what any specific Glob blood test results may mean.