Female Circumcision Pros and Cons

Female Circumcision Pros and Cons

Each country has its own traditions and practices. In these differences, it is not surprising if some would look at it as not a fair one for its people. People cannot be stopped in thinking that way. Today, there is one practice being done in some countries which has been put in the spotlight for years now. This practice is female circumcision. It is a practice commonly done in Arab and African countries. It is also a practice that covers different practices. It has been in the spotlight mainly because of the practice itself and how it is done. Due to that, arguments about female circumcision pros and cons were also debated.

As a practice, is female circumcision really necessary? Do its pros outnumber its cons to make it enough to be practiced?

The 2 Pros of Female Circumcision

The following is a list of the positive things seen on the practice.

1. It keeps a Woman’s Chastity until Marriage
The advancement today came side by side with the increasing level of liberation people took advantage of. In that liberation, some women now do whatever they want without limit. Considering this, with the practice, the chastity of women is kept intact until their marriage.

2. Makes a Good Purpose in Keeping the Purity of Women
Even today, the purity of women still matters to men. However, with the changing world now, it is already hard to keep that. So, if it is about the reason for which the practice is done, one can say it serves for that.

The 3 Cons of Female Circumcision

The following is the list of reasons that make the practice a disadvantage and harmful to women.

1. Female Circumcision Involves A Number of Side Effects
This is one of the cons of female circumcision. The reason behind it may be for a good purpose. On the other hand, women can also be put at risk because of this. It can cause urinary tract and pelvic infections, interference in their ability to deliver a baby normally and it has a negative effect on their sexuality as well as self-esteem.

2. It is very Risky for the Female
Because of the mentioned side effects above, it automatically puts women at risk. For one, the tools used in the procedure are not sterilized, making it unsafe. The procedure is also very harmful that it can endanger a woman’s life.

3. Women are Likely to Have A Caesarean Section when Giving Birth to a Baby
The act of delivering a baby is already risky for a woman. It becomes more so if they are circumcised since it affects the delivery procedure. Also, because of this, they are likely to bleed more in case their vagina has to be split open.

What Makes of Female Circumcision Now

Thinking of what a woman has to endure through the female circumcision procedure already makes it hard to think. It may be practiced for a good reason, but it does not leave the possibility of the risks they might face.