Famous People with Traumatic Brain Injury


A traumatic brain injury which is also known as intracranial injury occurs when a very strong external force caused traumatically injuries in the brain of a person. Everyone can be victimized by this kind of brain injury regardless of age and gender. Traumatic brain injury can be classified only through its severity and mechanism. Most of the time, it is being associated with a serious head injury. Most of the causes of this injury include car accidents and hard impacts. When it is not properly treated, it can lead to death and physical disabilities. Here are some of the famous people who suffered traumatic brain injury in the past:

1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln got a traumatic brain injury when a mule kicked him at the back of his head. The brain injury caused some defects on his vision. When Lincoln has recovered from the traumatic brain injury, he suffered depression which was also known before as “melancholia”. Such situation is said to be normal, it is because depression is another mental disorder that follows traumatic brain injury especially if its effects are severe.

2. Amy Davis

Amy Davis was crowned Miss Utah in 2004 at the Abravanel Hall. She was a woman who possesses great beauty and intelligence. However, she has a history of traumatic brain injury caused by an accident. Amy Davis was a former member of a cheer leading team in Utah. One day, while their team was working with a new cheerleading stunt, Davis fall accidentally and her head received an extreme impact when she fell in the floor. As a result, she became unconscious after the accident. Days later, while she was in the hospital, her memory got affected by the injury and she could not recall everything about the past. However, after few weeks she showed a lot of improvements until such time that the doctors said she was already fine and full recovery is already possible in her situation.

After resting for several days and weeks, Amy Davis decided to return in her usual routine as a person. She returned in their cheerleading team as a dancer. She also returned in her piano lessons and she trained a lot for her preparation in the upcoming search for Miss Utah 2004. Traumatic brain injury didn’t stop her from pursuing her ambitions and dreams. At first she experienced a lot of difficulties in reacquiring the skills that she has before. But because of her great determination, she has successfully turned into a more admirable person.

3. Bob Woodruff

Bob Woodruff was a member of ABC new in 1996. He has successfully covered a lot of stories coming from the different parts of the globe in his several years of service in the network. Last January 29, 2006 Bob Woodruff was struck by a bomb while he was driving his vehicle towards Taji, Iraq to cover news related to the Iraqi and United States security forces that day. The accidents caused traumatic brain injury in him and he got unconscious for several days. He was very lucky that the brain injury didn’t cause any disability in him and he is still alive up to now.

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