Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

Famous People with Paranoid Personality Disorder

1. Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin was the former secretary general of Russia during the Russian revolution in 1971. He is an important part of world history, specifically World War II. Stalin was very strict with all of his policies while ruling the Soviet and Russian people. He was extremely power hungry.

Joseph Stalin exhibited all the characteristics of a person who has paranoid personality disorder. He did not trust anyone around him, even his closest allies. He over analyzed and became very paranoid over any interactions or conversations. Nobody could oppose his ideas and suggestions. This personality disorder has been said to have played a large part in his lack of mercy and brutal ways.

2. Saddam Hussein
Hussein was the president of Iraq, or dictator rather, for quite some time. His unusual and erratic behavior caused much turmoil to develop between him and other countries around the world. He horribly mistreated his people and threatened other countries. The United States entered war with Iraq, and eventually captured and killed Hussein.

He also suffered from paranoid personality disorder. He doubted all of his companions, family members, and everyone around him. He constantly felt like he was in danger of being exploited. This caused him to anger very quickly and make irrational decisions. His reputation was very important to him, and he firmly believed that the entire world was trying to ruin it. He is a prime example of someone who had a paranoid personality disorder.

3. Richard M. Nixon
Most of the famous individuals who are being treated as paranoid individuals are those people who stand as leaders of different nations. One of the best leaders of United States was Richard M. Nixon. This man was the 37th president of the United States and based on his behavior and characteristics as a person, many psychologists considered him as an example of a person that had paranoid personality disorder. He was unable to listen to the “other side” of things. He was convinced that people where out to get him.