Famous People with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Famous People with Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Famous People With Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Actually, there are no famous people in the former years until today who suffer from oppositional defiant disorder. This health disorder is usually acquired by most children today. It is a mental disorder that usually needs some treatments. It is one of the most serious health diseases that cause fear to people due to the expensive medicines that it needs.

It is a fact that the medicines needed to cure this disease are offered in a very expensive price. That‘s why individuals who suffer from it are having problems with their money. There are times that their health is becoming more in danger that cause them to die.

Signs and Sympthoms

For those people who are unfamiliar with this health disorder, this is a childhood disorder that is usually called DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as a constant outline of hostility, anger-guided, defiant behavior, and disobedience. These traits usually go further than the limits of the normal behavior of childhood. The signs and symptoms of this mental disorder are typically manifested during 6 months and it also needs to go in the normal child behavior so that it will be suitable for the following diagnosis:

• Resentful and anger of other people.
• Make some actions which are intentionally and it can irritate some individuals.
• Lose of temper.
• They are always active in refusing the fulfillment of requested rules of the majority.
• Seeking for revenge.
• Always having some arguments.
• Blaming other people even though it is his or her mistake.
• Easily get annoyed.

These signs and symptoms are always present in schools that usually trigger some big problems. The causes of this oppositional defiant disorder are unknown. Doctors and other health specialists can’t discover the possible causes of this. But, some people say that a parent who drinks alcohol has more chances to have babies who have this kind of mental health disorder. In this case, young ones must always keep their body healthy and free from alcohol to avoid having children who suffer from oppositional defiant disorder.


With the help of medical experts, there are several treatments that can cure this mental health disorder. These treatments are recommended by doctors. That’s why it is safe and effective to use by children.

Parent Training
This is often carrying out to teach and train parents on how to take action or react in their child who has ODD. The right tactics they should emphasize are redirection, discipline, and distraction.

Individual Psychotherapy
This medication concentrates in teaching the children on how to handle their frustration and anger.

Family Psychotherapy
Counseling a family is directing the communication and empathy increase in the children who have this mental disorder.

Cognitive Therapy
It guides parents and ODD children when it comes to solving their problems to avoid negative activities.

Social Skill Training
This is the most critical trainings for some parents because they help their ODD children on how to move in the society. With this training, they might have difficulties to their children in keeping and building good relationship with people around them.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Facts and Trends