Famous People with Narcolepsy

Famous People with Narcolepsy

1. Natassja Kinski
The famous actress and model Natassja Kinski was one of the many people who suffers from narcolepsy. However, this illness did not stop her from achieving her dreams of becoming a famous star in the big screen. In total, she made almost 60 or more movies both in America and Europe. Her sleep disorder never brought her down. She had a son and two daughters in her married life although her second daughter was from the musician Quincy Jones. Since narcolepsy is hard to diagnose and has basically no cure, Kinski often suffers from it but her career was never affected by her condition in any way.

2. Winston Churchill
A famous politician, author, soldier, screenwriter and a journalist named Winston Churchill also suffered from narcolepsy. He was born in 1874 in a small town in the United Kingdom. His soldier career started when he entered the school of Harrow, a royal military academy in UK. From there, he became a politician and wrote different books as an author. In one incident, he said that a person must sleep after lunch and before dinner because by doing this he or she will get two days of sleep and plenty of rest. This was his statement regarding his narcolepsy when interviewed by a reporter. Even with this sleeping disorder, Winston continued on serving the people around him as a soldier and politician. His illness was not something that can bring him down and he stayed in service for many years.

3. Jimmy Kimmel
Another celebrity who has narcolepsy is Jimmy Kimmel who is a comedian, TV producer, voice actor and a screenwriter. This actor was born in 1967 in New York and he studied in the University of Nevada Arizona State College. For him, narcolepsy is something that he likes mainly because it allows him to sleep soundly for every time he travels by plane. In an interview, he said that he rather desire to have this condition than other illnesses because it allows him to sleep even before the plane takes off and wake up just before the plane lands. It is probably a benefit that he is happy about so he continue living with it rather than finding a cure for it. As a comedian, this illness helps him to entertain his audience for many years.

Basically, narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder that greatly affects the normal control of wakefulness and sleep. Those people who suffer from this sleeping disorder may experience daytime sleepiness and excessive intermittent which is the uncontrollable experience of sleeping even during daytime. The only bad thing about this neurological disorder is that a person can fall asleep at any given time and place.

Normally, people would first experience the first stage of sleep to be followed by the stage of deep sleep and REM or rapid eye movement. However, persons who have narcolepsy, REM can occur almost instantaneously as the stage of the sleep cycle continues. Usually, this type of sleep disorder begins at an early stage of a person the symptoms may start at the age of 15.

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