Famous People with Mental Retardation

Famous People with Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is a mental disorder that affects the performance of a person when it comes to the process of learning. Those people who experiences malnutrition are more prone to this kind of mental disorder. This condition can automatically affect a person or a group of individuals regardless of age, race and gender. A person who has mental retardation exhibits slow and poor performance in acquiring language and motor skills during elementary years and even in high school days when proper attention and guidance were not provided. Here is the list of some famous people with mental retardation:

1. Kim Peek

Kim Peek was a famous actress in the past. And one of her most unforgettable accomplishments is the movie entitled “Rain” which is included in the details of her biography as a famous person. This lady was also known before as the mega savant of the television industry. Kim Peek was already diagnosed with mental retardation upon her birth. And she died at the age of 58 with great accomplishments even if she was diagnosed with this mental illness.

2. Gretchen Josephson

Gretchen Josephson is a famous person who suffered severe mental retardation in the past. She experienced the worst effects of mental retardation in her whole life because of her Down’s syndrome. Although this condition is present in her personality as a famous individual, she didn’t stop working to become a successful publisher and writer of many books. One of her most special accomplishments is the book entitled “Bus Girl”. The book is a collection of several poems created and written by her as a poet. Most of the contents of this book explain her experiences in life while suffering the unpleasant effects of mental retardation.

3. Chris Burke

Chris Burke was a famous actor in ABC channel before. He is one of the famous individuals in this world who experienced mental retardation as his lifetime problem. Burke was diagnosed as a victim of this mental illness because of his down’s syndrome which was already detected upon his birth. He started to make several ways on how to decrease the effects of mental retardation in his performance as a person by entering special schools for those people who have mental disorder or disability during his adulthood stage. And the mental illness didn’t stop him to become a very successful actor and one of his best accomplishments was the ABC show entitled “Life Goes On.”

4. Dwight Mackinto

Dwight Mackinto was a famous artist who also experienced the lifetime effects of mental retardation. Although he was diagnosed with this kind of mental illness, many people admired him because of his great determination and overwhelming success despite of all the challenges that he experienced. Just like the other victims of severe mental retardation, Mackinto was also diagnosed with a genetic mental disorder called Down’s syndrome at the time of his birth. And he noticed the effects of severe mental retardation in his performance when he was already at the stage of early adulthood.

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