Famous People with Major Depressive Disorder

Famous People with Major Depressive Disorder

Major depression disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by a persistent and pervasive low mood. It typically comes with loss of pleasure and low confidence when there is an activity. The other term used to describe this mental disorder is major depression, unipolar disorder, recurrent depression, unipolar depression, or clinical depression. It is a disabling condition which badly affects the lifestyle, job, studies, and habits of a person. The diagnosis process for this health issue is based on the experience and behavior of the patient. This information also gathers from family and friends of the said person.

Assessing Major Depression Disorder

People who have Major depression disorder undergo a mental status examination. This actually assesses their mental ability and their behavior. Laboratory test is not needed in this health condition. However, physician usually assesses the physical condition of the patient to see if he or she has the symptoms of major depression disorder. People who are at the age of 20 to 30 are more prone to this problem. There are times that individuals who are in the late peak of 30 to 40 years old also suffer from this condition.

Actually, the causes of this mental disorder are biological factors, psychological, evolutionary, psychosocial, and hereditary. When they didn’t receive immediate medication, these patients might suffer from severe depressive symptoms. The psychological medications that are usually administered in major depression disorder are the theories of learning, personality, and interpersonal communication. In biological theories, concentrates in the norepinephrine, dopamine, and monoamine chemicals serotonin. These are commonly present in the brain and guide the process of communication in the nerve cells.

Symptoms of Major Depression Disorder

The symptoms of this mental disorder are listed below.

• Worthlessness feelings and thoughts
• Inappropriate regret or guilt
• Hopelessness
• Self hatred
• Helplessness
• Psychosis
• Poor memory and concentration

Famous People with Disorder

Not only ordinary people can suffer from this kind health condition. It is because there are some famous people who experience this mental disorder. Those famous people with major depressive disorder are as follows:

1. Caroline Aherne – a British Comedienne.
2. Malcolm Arnold – a British composer.
3. John Adams – a founding father and the 2nd president of US.
4. Woody Allen – American comedian and film director.
5. David Banner – American hip hop artist.
6. Amanda Beard – Olympic gold medalist and American swimmer.
7. William Blake – British painter and poet.
8. Terry Bradshaw – he is an American sports anchor, football player, and football analyst.
9. David Chase – American producer, writer, and director.
10. Raymond Chandler – a detective fiction writer.
11. Ellen DeGeneres – American talk show host and comedian.
12. Johnny Depp – actor (American).
13. Bob Dylan – American artist, poet, and singer-song writer.
14. Blake Edwards – American producer, film director, and screen writer.

With this information about famous people with major depressive disorder, many people will recognize that this mental health disorder can affect anyone whether he is famous or not. The treatment used in treating major depression disorder is offered at a reasonable price. They must always take some medicines recommended by their doctors in order to avoid the signs and symptoms of it.

Major Depressive Disorder Facts