Famous People with Dentures

Famous People with Dentures

1. Cher Lloyd
She is a 20 year old star that appeared in the 7th series of X factor in the UK. She revealed that she truly disliked her teeth since she looked like an utter rabbit. In order for her to attain her desired teeth, she used dentures with a pearly white veneer. After she used her dentures, she said in an interview that she already attained her complete transformation.

2. Nicola Roberts
She is a Hollywood actress that also aims to have the perfect set of teeth. On her way to her Girl’s group, everyone is surprised that she had whitened and straightened teeth after wearing an invisible brace for almost a year.

3. Cheryl Cole
She is also part of the X Factor. After she hit the X Factor show, she got a dazzling set of pearly white teeth with a bright white smile.

4. Gordon Ramsay
He is pretty good in the kitchen, but the only problem is that he doesn’t have perfect teeth. After a couple of years, he finally got a set of perfect dentures that is almost fitted to his aura.

5. Demi Moore
Most of her friends can’t believe the total transformation of the lady. She got a gleaming set of dentures that she is very proud to show off.

6. Kate Beckinsale
She is one of the Hollywood actresses that don’t have a Hollywood smile since the lady suffers from crocked smile, but after consulting her dentist, she totally got the Hollywood smile that she dreamed of.

7. George Clooney
This man was not born with perfect teeth, but with heavy dose whitening and veneers, he totally got the brilliant smile that he could be proud of.

8. Philip Schofield
He had his teeth sorted and had a brighter set of dentures that almost match the color of his hair.

9. Tom Cruise
He is on the top list when it comes to teeth makeover. The gun perfectionist already got his Hollywood smile that he can show off confidently.

10. Ronan Keating
He is a Boyzone star that transformed his teeth into dazzling white before his fame in the late 90s.

11. Fern Britton
The teeth of this lady are not quite bad when she started in the television industry in America. She is also known as a big fan of whitening procedures that encouraged her to have her own teeth transformation.

12. Geri Halliwell
She is known as one of the members of the Spice Girls. She decided to transform her smile from goofy into a gorgeous one. She already got perfectly formed teeth with an excellent brilliant smile.

13. Zac Efron
He is one of the members of the High School Musical Show and known as one of the hunks in the show. His teeth were not that good which made him have low self-confidence, but after a couple of months, the hunk went through a total makeover that allowed him to possess well-formed teeth and the perfect smile that would melt every girl’s heart.