Famous People with Alopecia

Famous People with Alopecia

Alopecia is a very common medical disorder that millions of people suffer with every day. It causes the hair on parts of, or in some cases all of, the body to fall out. This is the most common reason for baldness! Normal, everyday people, are not the only people that can be affected by this disorder. Here is a list of famous people that suffer from alopecia.

1. Gail Porter
A European television reporter, Gail Porter started suffering from alopecia in 2005. She refused to wear a wig or hat, instead using her appearance and experiences to create awareness of the disease. Her braveness and courage was the focus point of a documentary in 2007, Gail Porter Laid Bare.

2. Neve Campbell
Actress Neve Campbell developed alopecia at the young age of 23. Her bout with the disease was said to be spurred on by severe stress. Problems in her life, alongside a barrage of threatening mail and stalkers, she became overwhelmed and the alopecia was her bodies response to the additional stress.

3. Matt Lucas
A British screenwriter, actor, and comedian, Matt Lucas was 6 years old when he started suffering from alopecia universalis, which is an unusual kind of alopecia that prevents hair growth all over the body. He used his disorder as a tool for his career, as well as to spread awareness of this disease.

4. Mike Quade
Mike Quade, former manager of the Chicago Cubs, is one of the most famous people with alopecia. He was 3 years old when he started suffering from alopecia. He said that sports became a way for him to find an identity outside of the disease, which was an inspiration to many people.

5. Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve began suffering from alopecia when he was 16. He used various methods of treatments and tricks to hide the disease for many years. Reeve used steroid injections to stimulate hair growth every 3 months while playing Superman in 1978 to fight symptoms of the condition.

6. Charlie Villanueva
Charlie was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at the age of 13. Since 2005, he has taken part in Charlie’s Angels Meet and Greet Program and visits people who are also suffering from the condition throughout the country as he travels with the Dallas Mavericks, his NBA team.

If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re among 40% of women who experience this problem. Because of the immense significance of hair in society and cultural norms, hair loss is among the most distressing problems that can happen in a woman’s life. Even famous people experience hair loss and they’ll do everything to find a way to keep their secret under cover. There are treatments that have proven to be effective for the treatment of hair loss, and many ways to disguise your problems!

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