Eye Injury ICD 9 Code


Billable Medical Code for Other and Unspecified Superficial Injuries of Eye

Diagnosis Code for Reimbursement Claim: ICD-9-CM 918.9

Code will be replaced by October 2015 and relabeled as ICD-10-CM 918.9.

The Short Description Is: Superficial inj eye NEC.

Known As

Eye injury is also known as blister to cornea, eye injury from lightning, injury of lacrimal passage, injury of lens, injury of orbit proper, insect bite of eye region, scartch of eye region, superficial abrasion of eye region structure, superficial eye injury, superficial injury of eye, superficial injury of eye and/or adnexa, superficial injury of left eye, superficial injury of right eye, superficial injury to eye, superficial left eye injury, superficial right eye injury, traumatic blister of eye region, and wood splinter in eye region. This applies to eye (ball) NOS.

Eye Injury Definition and Symptoms

An eye injury is a physical or chemical injury that can be a very large threat to vision if it is not treated correctly. Eye injuries have varying levels of severity and are caused by direct contact with a foreign object or substance or a traumatic blow to the head. Symptoms of an eye injury can vary but some of the most common are redness in the eye, burning, an ache in the eye, and the feeling of a foreign object in the eye.