Elliptical vs Rowing

Elliptical vs Rowing

Workout machines are hugely popular in gyms and homes all over the world. Cardiovascular machines are the biggest calorie and fat burners. There are a mind boggling amount to choose from, each completely unique and different from the other. Two of the most popular are the elliptical and the rowing machine. Each are done in different ways and have different benefits to offer.

All About Elliptical

1. How It Works
An elliptical machine is a cardiovascular workout machine. It works with two pedals that glide back and forth. You place your feet on the pedals, and hold onto the handles. Then you push one foot forward, the pedal will glide back, and you push the other. There are different ways to use an elliptical machine in order to target different areas.

2. Benefits
Ellipticals offer a low impact full body workout. Aerobic exercise, such as what is offered with the use of an elliptical, is great. It allows you to be able to perform activities for a long period of time. Just small intervals a couple of times a week is enough to increase your aerobic capacity. Along with the aerobic benefits your abdominal muscles and lower legs also get a pretty great workout!

3. Calories
Cardiovascular workouts pump up your heart rate, which is key for burning calories. The elliptical provides great calorie burning power if done right. Just thirty minutes of elliptical training can blast up to 400 calories! The amount of resistance and the intensity in which you exercise also impacts the amount of calories you burn.

4. Variations
There are a few variations that you can try out on the elliptical in order to target different areas of the body. One of the most effective is an arm workout. You can do this by instead of using your legs in order to glide the machine, just use your arms.

5. Cost
Elliptical trainers are one of the most common house hold workout machines. They can be bought pretty cheap, but some are more costly. It all depends on the quality and features of the machine. Ellipticals can be bought for as low as 400 dollars for a low end one and up to 2,000 dollars for higher quality.

Things To Know About Rowing

1. What It Is
Rowing, we’re using indoor examples for this article, is just what it sounds like. Rowing machines simulate the movement of rowing a boat. It is designed with a foot hold, flywheel, and a seat. The seat is usually the only thing that moves, on a gliding rail. You grasp onto the handle and push the seat to the top of the rail. After you are in this position you pull the handle in the rowing motion. There are many benefits to rowing.
2. Health
Rowing burns calories very quickly, making it a great addition to a weight loss routine. Cardiovascular benefits are also big with a rowing machine. It is an endurance exercise that increases the hearts function. Muscle toning is also earned through rowing. The legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, and arms are all strengthened.

3. Mental
Along with bodily benefits, mental benefits are also gained with rowing. The monitors that are used on the machines are one hundred percent accurate, they tell you every stroke you do. It allows you to watch your progress one stroke at a time. This build confidence and focus.

Differences Between Elliptical and Rowing

While both a wonderful cardiovascular machines the type of motion that are required on an elliptical and a rowing machine are very different. With an elliptical your feet do most of the work to move the pedals of the machine. Rowing machines require require mostly arm movement to complete.

2. Calories
Each of these exercises pump up your heart rate, which allows you to really burn up some major calories. An 30 minute elliptical workout can blast up to 400 calories while a rowing machine workout of the same length boasts nearly 600 calories burned.

3. Cost
Both the elliptical and rowing machine are popular in home machines. This is because they affordable and fairly easy to store. An elliptical machine of decent quality runs about 800 dollars while a rowing machine will run you around 1,200 dollars.

4. Focus Area
The legs and thighs are the focus area that are worked on an elliptical machine with slight benefits to the arms. On a rowing machine the arms, shoulders, and back are the biggest beneficiaries.