Electro Harmonix Clone Theory Explained

Electro Harmonix Clone Theory Explained

The Electro Harmonix Clone Theory is a guitar pedal that is designed to create a stereo chorus effect. It is a recreation of the original Clone Theory pedal that offered chorus and vibrato effects to create washes in the tone produced by the guitar. With this update, the new Clone Thoery pedal offers a lusher experience, a smaller housing, and improved controls that incorporate the same features as the previous version.

The features of the new Electro Harmonix Clone Theory pedal include the popular chorus and vibrato mix, along with controls for rate and depth.

What Are the Specifications of the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory?

  • There is an optional 9V power supply provided by Electro Harmonix that can be used with this pedal.
  • The barrel connector on the front of the pedal allows for a 100-mA current to be delivered by a 9V battery.
  • There are two chorus modes and one vibrato mode that can be used, providing varying levels of control to the user. In Chorus 1, users control the rate of modulation, but the depth control is preset and inactive. In Chorus 2, users control the chorus tone. In Vibrato, the tone is drier and full control is offered.
  • There is a ¼-inch audio input on the Clone Theory. There is also a ¼-inch main output jack and a ¼-inch stereo output jack.
  • The footswitch selects whether the pedal will be engaged or if a bypass is to be utilized. Electro Harmonix has equipped the pedal with an LED that lights up when the pedal is engaged.
  • The input jack is 480 kohms, while the output impedance for the main and stereo output jacks is 300 ohms.

With the Clone Theory, the stereo output is 180o out of phase with the main output. That allows for modulation extremes to be heard during opposite moments from each output. Plug the pedal into two amplifiers and the panning effect becomes very noticeable, but is also very controllable using the rate and depth controls.

Warnings About the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory

The input cable should always be removed from the unit when it is not in use. Failing to remove the input cable can cause the battery to run down prematurely. To change the 9V battery, it is necessary to remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the unit. Then take off the bottom plate to swap out the battery. Never touch the circuit board to avoid inadvertently damaging the unit.

The optional 9V power supply is the same one that is used by Ibanez and Boss products that require 9.6V or DC 200ma. The inner ring of the 9V battery eliminator must be negative, which means the outer ring must be positive. The internal 9V battery can remain inside the unit if the eliminator is being utilized with the Clone Theory Pedal.

Warranty Information for the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory

There is a warranty card enclosed with the Clone Theory pedal. That card should be returned within 10 days from the purchase of the product. Customers can also complete the warranty registration process online through Ehx.com.

If the Clone Theory pedal fails to operate because of a defect in the craftsmanship or materials in the product, then Electro Harmonix will repair or replace the product, based on their determination and decision, if notified of an issue within 12 months of the purchasing date. This warranty guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of the product. If the unit is sold within the warranty period to a second user, the warranty does not transfer.

Any repaired or replaced products are warrantied for the remainder of the customer’s warranty, based on the original purchase date. That means if a warranty replacement occurs on Month 11, the brand-new Clone Theory will only have a 1-month warranty assigned to it.

If the unit needs to be returned for a repair during the warranty period, customers are encouraged to call Electro Harmonix’s customer service line at (718) 937-8300. Customers in North America will need a return authorization number before sending the unit in for a repair. The mailing address and email address for correspondence on all warranty repairs can also be found at EHX.com

The Electro Harmonix Clone Theory pedal has an assigned release date of November 28, 2017.